Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Trend Micro Mobile Security. You will learn about mobile security and the Android security it provides for your Android device.

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With the explosion of smartphones in the workplace, staff recognized that the associate’s degree required support for a growing list of recent ways to harness this technology for their work. Long faced with the realities of managing an increasingly mobile workplace, organizations struggle to find a balance between empowering mobile workers to be more productive and protect their sensitive information. Ideally, they might prefer to accomplish each without acquiring the expense and time of deploying several new applications. Trend Micro ™ Mobile Security is an essential part of Trend Micros’ comprehensive user protection response that gives you complete visibility and management of mobile devices, applications and knowledge through a constitutional console. It strikes the right balance between user productivity and IT risks.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android ™

Mobile Security includes:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Application Management Mobile Application Name Services Device Antivirus (Android) A key part of the overall strategy to fully protect Associate Degree users, Trend small Mobile Security significantly reduces the quality and prices compared to stand-alone and MDM mobile security solutions that require new management infrastructure. Unlike alternative solutions, Trend small Mobile Security incorporates layers of information protection to keep your business data secure, wherever it goes. Encryption app, remote lock & wipe, positive ID app and other tools work alongside device security and app management to protect your data.

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Trend Micro Mobile Security 10.2 for Android Review (191019) |  AV-TEST

Protection points

Support running smartphones and tablets: ios android windows Phone Threat and knowledge Antivirus protection Data encryption application Password application Lock removal and wipe Selective wipe mobile device management (MDM) Management of mobile applications (MAM) Name of the mobile application ServiceWeb

Reputation Benefits:

Reduces value and quality Streamlines mobile security management, MDM, application management, combines level knowledge protection in an extremely unique solution Simplifies preparation by investing in the small Trend cloud communication server, a cloud service optional that automates communications and reduces quality of deployment Pricing with centralized visibility and management of all termination security Increases productivity and adaptability with broad platform support Improves visibility and management Allows IT to track, monitor and manage mobile devices, applications and knowledge through a single console Provides data on the number, types and configuration of devices to access corporate resources, regardless of whether they are listed or not, Allows the creation of centralized policies and social control on one or more P servers supports a comprehensive user protection policy by group action with the Trend Small Management Manager console to centralize policies and management. ross alternative Trend Small solutions similar to OfficeScan ™ termination protection Balances risk with activation Provides industry-leading virus protection and ensures optimal device configurations to reduce the risk of malware Protects business knowledge with remote lock and wipe and selective wipe Protects personal data from unauthorized access and inappropriate use through positive identification and policy enforcement Enables IT to prevent the use of risky mobile applications from support current cloud data Trend small Mobile app name ServiceKey Edges Balances employee activation with IT control Reduces deployment, IT and operational prices per group action MDM, mobile security, application management, and the protection of knowledge es in one extremely unique solution Secures a variety of devices with antimalware, firewall, and intrusion detection system (IDS) powered by Trend Micro Global Threat Intelligence Protects data where it goes with encryption, remote lock and wipe, and lock them down Impr improves productivity by allowing staff to work anytime, anywhere from device selection

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Mobile security solutions


Centralized Management Streamlines administration with Trend Small Management Manager, providing centralized management of threats and DLP policies across layers of the IT infrastructure, providing single readings of business users, from desktop to mobile device, with a View of threats over time, thus helping to spot advanced threats that will target users with multiple vectors enables consistent social control of policies with one-click preparation of endpoint information protection policies, email and Entry Solutions streamlines design registration with a selection of an online link, QR code or download iTunes provides instant views of the compliance plan, inventory, protection and the health of all devices, whether listed or not, provides visibility into the number, types and configuration of devices eils accessing corporate resources Mobile device security Take advantage of Trend Micro’s leading malware protection, powered by cloud-based threats Trend Micro’s intelligence Smart Protection N etwork ™ Detects and blocks applications malicious web content and the data file blocks malicious web content and

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