Twobird is a free email client for Windows with Reminder and Notes

Twobird Gmail client

If you are looking for a Gmail for Windows client, you must give Twobird A try. This is a free email client for Windows 10/8/7 with useful features such as reminders and notes. You can find all the features, options and a manual to familiarize yourself with this elegant email client.

Twobird Email Client for Windows 10

Here is the list of features you can find in the Twobird mail client:

  1. Multiple Gmail accounts: Right now, Twobird only supports Gmail accounts, but you can add more than one and use them at the same time.
  2. Reminder and note: Sometimes you may need to write something to be able to take it into account. If you use Twobird, you do not need to install a note-taking app. It is also possible to set a reminder by email.
  3. prioritize: You can set a high and low priority for the e-mail of a particular sender. If you set a high priority on a sender, you will find these mails ahead of others.
  4. Create a label: You can categorize your emails with the help of labels, as you do in Gmail.
  5. Dark mode: Dark mode helps you save battery and is right for you. You can enable or disable dark mode in Twobird.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts: This tool has tons of keyboard shortcuts so you can compose an email quickly.
  7. Access the Web version: Although we are talking about Desktop software, you can also use Twobird in your browser.

After downloading, installing and opening, you must first click on the button Register with Google button and enter your login credentials. You may need to allow this tool to access certain personal information about your profile.

Twobird comes with a good amount of options so that you can use it according to your needs. Some of the essential parameters are mentioned below.

  • Send mail and archive
  • Show Mark As Read / Unread option
  • Show Bin icon
  • Enable or disable the quick response option
  • Show or hide external images
  • Delete or add an account
  • Recall
  • Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts:

This software comes with a lot of keyboard shortcuts. The following list contains all the shortcuts that you can find in this tool.

  • H1: Type # then Space / Ctrl + 1
  • H2: Type ## then Space / Ctrl + 2
  • H3: Type ### then Space / Ctrl + 3
  • Bold: Type * on both sides of the text or Ctrl + B
  • Italic: type _ on both sides of the text or Ctrl + I
  • Strikethrough: type ~ on both sides of the text or Ctrl + S
  • Code: Type on both sides of the text or Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Code block: Type "` on both sides of the text
  • Numbered list: 1. Space
  • Bulleted list: – Space
  • Blockquote:> Space
  • Removal list: tab
  • Unindent List: Shift + Tab
  • Block break: Shift + Enter
  • Undo: Ctrl + Z

You can use all these keyboard shortcuts when writing an email. They will help you write the text quickly.

How to delete a Twobird account?

If for any reason you do not want to use Twobird, you can delete your account from the email client. To do this, open the Settings panel and go to the menu Accounts section. Here you can find an option called Delete Twobird account. Use this option to delete your account. After that, you must follow this tutorial to remove Twobird from your Google Account.

If you like this software, you can download it from the software official site. Twobird can be used with any Gmail-managed email address, including G Suite addresses.

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