Use these 10 Google Search Tips to Search like a Pro

google search tips
Each of you may be using the Google Search feature for various queries. Whether it's for studies, entertainment, research, or simply downloading files, the first thing you need to do is go to Google Search and search for the desired file. But what you may miss at all here is the fact that Google offers some very clever search tips, tricks and tips. This will make your search results more efficient and save you a lot of time.

With such a plethora of results available, it becomes very difficult to search for the best. Fortunately, the 10 Google search tips mentioned here will help you search your queries like a pro. However, if you're looking for Chrome tips and tricks, check out our guide.

1. Use the asterisk sign (*)

google search asterix

This is probably one of the most useful Google search tips that many of you may not know about. The asterisk is used as a placeholder. It tells Google to look for the appropriate result instead of the asterisk. For example, suppose you know that Obama voted for a certain bill. But you forgot the name of the bill and what was its vote (favor or against). In such cases, you can search Obama voted * on the * invoice. Google will then automatically fill in the appropriate results by replacing these asterisks. In the picture above, look for the bold lines. This shows exactly what we were looking for. This could also be used to search for song lyrics.

2. Restrict search results

Another good Google search tip. You can force Google to minimize uncertainty by putting your keyword in quotation marks. For example, search Android 10 devices may also display some results for the Android 10 operating system. To only get results for devices with the latest operating system, try limiting your search to "Android 10 devices". This will only show you devices with Android 10.

3. Exclude certain keywords

line of union

This Google search tip can be helpful when searching for words with more meaning (homographs). For example, if you are looking for a sports bat and are looking for bats, you will get most of the results related to the animal bat / mammal. To exclude from your results, try to search as bats, animals. Now you will only get results related to the sports bat, be it cricket or baseball. You can even further narrow your search by also excluding baseball. Search bat -animal -baseball. You will now only get results related to cricket bats.

4. Find a website that is linked to another site

Not a popular Google search tip because few people use it. But that could certainly be useful in some situations. Suppose you read an interesting article on Now, if you want to know all the sites that have cited this article on their site, you can use the syntax link: website. In our case, this corresponds to link: Just be sure not to attach http, https or www before the site's URL. In addition, if you have published an article in a journal, you can also use this tip to find out if other research journals have cited in their articles.

5. Search on specific sites

search for a specific site

As the title shows, you can use this Google search tip to search for your queries on a specific website. The syntax for the same is keyword: website. For example, if you want to search for Gmail tips on DroidViews, the syntax will be: Gmail tips:

6. Find a specific file

google search files

If you want to cut the queue and search directly for a specific file type, you can use this handy Google search tip. The syntax for the same is File type:. The following example will make it clearer. To change your address on the voter card, you need an 8a form. And all these forms are extension .PDF. So, the search query can be shortened to form 8a file type: pdf. Just be sure not to type the dot (.) Before the extension. For example, rule filetype: pdf is the correct syntax while rule file type: .pdf is the incorrect.

7. Find similar sites

This Google search tip allows you to find similar websites. Suppose you normally buy your favorite products on Amazon. But one of the products is not available on this site. In this case, the best is to look for his alternative. And what better way to do it than to ask Google itself. Using the related: website syntax, you can search for related websites. In this case we can use related: search for alternatives to Amazon. Again, be sure not to use the http, https, or www prefixes.

8. Google search tip for specific searches

Initial search

You can refine your search to search only for specific titles, URLs, or text, using this handy tip on Google Search. Suppose you want to search TVs but only from Samsung. in this case, your search will be limited to the Samsung website. In other words, the title of the website must contain the keyword Samsung. The syntax for the same will be Television title: Samsung. Similarly, you can search only in the URL via the command inurl: order or search for specific text on a website with the help of intext: order.

9. Keep short searches

Some people tend to think that the more they explain in the search box, the better Google will be. Well, that's not always the case. Most often, a simple search for three words is all that is needed. For example, rather than looking for: Where can I find a good vegetable restaurant near my home, look for Veg restaurants nearby. Keep your searches simple and use only the required words.

10. Converter

google search converter

Complete the list of 10 Google search tips with a very useful feature built into the search results. Google is able to perform the following conversions:

  • Zoned
  • Data transfer rate
  • Digital storage
  • Energy
  • Frequency
  • Fuel economy
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Plan angle
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume

Just enter one of the above options with the converter keyword and the conversion calculator will be presented to you. You can then click on the drop-down menu to see the complete list of conversions.

This concludes our list of tips, tricks and tips on Google search. Share your point of view on the same thing in the comments section below.

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