Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on OnePlus with Parallel Apps

Two WhatsApp Accounts on OnePlus

OxygenOS from OnePlus is recognized by enthusiasts as one of the best OEM skins on Android. It manages to stand out and look different, but it does not impose too much functionality to the software. That said, OxygenOS incorporates some really useful features, such as an application bin and parallel applications. The Parallel Apps feature applies to other OEM skins as well as Play Store apps. Parallel Apps allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same OnePlus device running OxygenOS.

This is an OxygenOS function that has been around for a while. So it works on almost all OnePlus devices running OxygenOS from OnePlus 7T, 7 Pro and 7 on OnePlus 3 and 3T models and probably even older.

The use of two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone is an indispensable feature in the eastern hemisphere of the globe. We all mainly have dual SIM phones. People like to have a separate work number and another number for their personal lives. It is a feature that Western users and app creators do not feel the need Therefore, WhatsApp only allows you to use only one account within the application.

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So even though this is generally considered a bad thing, we are lucky that Android allows manufacturers to add new features to their version.

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Create another WhatsApp with parallel apps on OnePlus

  1. On your OnePlus device running OxygenOS, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Settings page and select Utilities.
  3. Under Utilitiesyou will find some useful features of OxygenOS, including Parallel applications.
  4. On the Parallel Applications page, you can see a list of all the applications supported by the feature.
  5. To use two accounts on one of these apps, including WhatsApp, enable the toggle next to it.
  6. This will install and activate a parallel application, which is the exact replica of the original, without the user data.
  7. You will see a message of toast confirming that a "Parallel WhatsApp has been created".
  8. You can find this WhatsApp parallel next to the original WhatsApp icon in the drawer of your application.
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A small orange badge at the bottom right of the application icon is added to bring out the parallel application icon. With this parallel application, you can then use another WhatsApp account. So you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same OnePlus device running OxygenOS. However, you now have two WhatsApp on your phone, which will therefore deplete twice as much battery and twice as much storage space.

Disable parallel applications on a OnePlus device running OxygenOS

If you regret to create two WhatsApp accounts on the same OnePlus device, or if you change your mind, you can just as easily disable the second WhatsApp or any other parallel application you have created.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Settings page and select Utilities.
  3. Select Parallel Applications on the next page.
  4. Your activated parallel applications are displayed at the top.
  5. To disable one of them, simply disable the button next to them.
  6. In the warning dialog box, press D & # 39; agreement.
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The second WhatsApp or other parallel application will be deleted and its data will also be erased. You should now be able to use two WhatsApp accounts on your OnePlus phone using the Parallel Apps feature.

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