5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Google Pixel 4

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After innumerable leaks, rumors and pratical pre-launch videos, Google has finally launched Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The fourth-generation Pixel smart phones offer significant improvements over the Pixel 3 lineup. Well, if you're about to buy the Pixel 4, we recommend rethinking your decision. Even after being a Google flagship smartphone, this device has many flaws. In this article, we have listed five main reasons why you should not use Google Pixel 4. In addition, we also shared some of the best alternatives to Google Pixel 4 that are worth visiting.

That's why you should not buy the Google Pixel 4 in 2020.

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1. Lack of UltraWide camera

One of the highlights of the entire Pixel range is the incomparable quality of the camera. As a result, the new fourth-generation Pixel smartphones are no exception. That said, Google has not provided an ultra-wide lens for Pixel 4. The California technology giant has admitted that ultra-drag is fun, but that telephoto is more important. Currently, the ultra-wide lens has become a necessity for most smartphone users. The unavailability of an ultra-wide camera on the most world-centric smartphone will certainly have an impact on Pixel 4 sales.

The next major flaw with the Pixel 4 camera is the inability to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Each flagship mainstream smartphone allows users to shoot at 4K60fps, but unfortunately, Pixel 4 does not.

2. Obsolete design

The design language of the entire Pixel series is somewhat similar. The first two generations of Pixel smartphones featured a two-tone glass and metal back. While the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL were entirely made of glass. Well, this time, Google has made subtle changes to the aesthetics of the smartphone. The design of Pixel 4 is now more minimalist. That said, it does not look great with flagship devices such as Aura Glow Galaxy Note 10+, iPhone 11 Pro, and many more.

obsolete pixel 4 design

The front of the device contains the Soli chip and many other sensors that significantly thicken the top frame of this smartphone. These sensors allow features such as unlocking the face and motion detection. In the presence of smartphones almost without glasses, such as OnePlus 7T Pro, the Pixel 4 seems really outdated.

3. Front Stereo Speakers and RIP Fingerprint Sensor

The next major problem associated with Google Pixel 4 is the lack of front-facing stereo speakers. Until now, each Pixel smartphone had front-facing stereo speakers. These stereo speakers have improved media consumption by broadcasting audio directly to the front of the device. It should be noted that Pixel 4 retains the stereo speakers, but they are not facing forward. The main speaker of the device is now placed next to the USB-C port of the device.

The next major problem associated with Pixel 4 is the lack of front-facing stereo speakers.

Google has completely abandoned the fingerprint sensor on Pixel 4 in favor of unlocking the face. As a result, applications requiring fingerprint authentication can now only be used with a PIN or password. Most banking and online wallet applications are affected by this problem.

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4. Bad battery life

Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL are among the many Android smartphones with a refresh rate of 90Hz display. The high refresh rate gives the user interface a more responsive look and everything is as smooth as butter. Unfortunately, the high refresh rate display on these devices consumes a considerable amount of battery power. These two smartphones will not last more than one day on a single charge. In addition, rather than increase or maintain the same amount of battery, Google has decided to reduce the battery of 2900mAh in pixels 3 to 2800mAh in pixels 4.

5. Pixel 4 is too expensive

Finally, the basic variants of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are slightly more expensive. The price of $ 799 Pixel 4 is not justified by its characteristics. In addition, the basic variants of these devices only have 64 GB of storage. In the Android smartphone market, most flagship devices now have at least 128GB of storage.

Best alternatives to Pixel 4

If you have decided not to invest your hard earned money in Pixel 4, these alternatives to Pixel 4 could impress you.

  1. iPhone 11: For the first time, the latest-generation iPhone costs $ 100 less than Pixel 4. The iPhone 11 is a perfect alternative to Pixel 4 and even offers an ultra-thin camera.
  2. OnePlus 7T Pro: You can get OnePlus 7T Pro if you want a flagship Android smartphone. This OnePlus smartphone offers excellent performance and a 90 Hz refresh rate display.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10If you were thinking of getting the XL version of the fourth-generation Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could impress you. Note 10 sports an impressive OLED panel and the triple camera configuration provides excellent results.

Do not share any of your personal recommendations for the best alternatives to Google Pixel 4 in the comments section below.

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