What Is Android Color Correction and When Should You Use It

What Is Android Color Correction and When Should You Use It
In addition to being the most used operating system in the world with over 2 billion users in the world, Android is without a doubt the most complete mobile operating system out there . Owned and operated by Google, the search engine giant ensures that people with disabilities can use their devices without problems. And this is done without effort.

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The live captioning feature, for example, ensures that people with hearing loss can interpret video and video content on their Android devices. Interestingly, Google has also made a feature available to people with impaired color vision. Also known as color blindness, people with these vision problems are unable to see and distinguish certain (shades) of colors. Some are even completely color-blind, but such a condition is rare.

Short fact: There is no treatment or cure for color blindness / lack of color.

Because these people are not easily identifiable, they are usually overlooked and not supported. However, Google recognizes it and incorporates the color correction settings in Android.

In this article, we will explain the process of activating the color correction feature on your Android device and the time of its use. But before that, briefly read the common types of color blindness to better understand how to use this feature.

Types of color defect

Being able to distinguish and distinguish over 100 shades of different colors is something that an individual with normal vision would do effortlessly. For color-blind people, they can differentiate about 20 shades of color.

That said, color blindness is generally divided into three (3) types.

A) Blindness of red-green colors

This describes a condition in which a person is unable to tell the difference between red and green. This is the most common type of color blindness. There are four (4) different types:

  1. deuteranomalous: It's a medical term that describes a type of red-green daltonism where an individual sees the color green as red.
  2. protanomaly: This is the opposite of deuteranomaly, and people with this color deficit see red as green.
  3. protanopia: People living with this disability can not see or identify the red color.
  4. deuteranopia: This describes the impossibility of seeing the green color.

These types of color blindness are the most common types of color flaws.

B) Blue-yellow blindness

This category of color deficiency is not as prevalent as red-green blindness, but some people suffer from this condition. People suffering from this type of color blindness have a hard time distinguishing between yellow and red and, similarly, blue and green.

These are the two (2) types of Armored-Yellow color:

  1. tritanomaly: People with this disability are unable to tell the difference between (a) blue and green (b) yellow and red.
  2. tritanopia: This type of blue-yellow defect makes it difficult to distinguish between (a) yellow and pink (b) purple and red.

C) Total blindness

Known as monochrome, people with this visual condition do not see color at all. This is a very rare type of color deficiency.

If you can not distinguish two or more colors, you may be missing color. However, the best way to ensure this is to go to a hospital or ophthalmologist near you.

Using Android color correction

If you have any of the color deficiencies mentioned above and you have difficulty distinguishing colors from your Android smartphone, it is high time to use the built-in color correction feature of the system. Android operation.

Note: The screenshots come from a phone whose language is English (UK).

Few people know this feature because it is not really visible. If you are color-blind or if you know someone who is, here's how to enable color correction on an Android smartphone.

Step 1: Launch the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.

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2nd step: Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu and select Accessibility.

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Step 3: At the bottom of the Accessibility page, touch Color Correction.

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Step 4: Activate the color correction button to activate the function.

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The next step is to choose the type of color defect you want to correct / correct with the color correction function.

Step 5: Still on the Color Correction page, touch the Correction Mode option.

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Step 6: Select the color defect that you have or want to correct with the function.

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Google currently only supports the correction of three (3) types of color issues: Deuteranomaly (red-green), Protanomaly (red-green), and Tritanomalie (yellow blue).

Step 7: Press the Back button to save your color correction settings and preferences.

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Then you will notice a difference in the appearance of the colors on your device's display.

Note: The Android Color Correction feature only affects the color of everything that is displayed on your device – social media applications, images, video content, games, and so on. The original colors of screen captures or images shared with other people from your device will not be corrupted.

Do not miss the colors

The colors are beautiful, but it is unfair that people living with color defects do not see some (or all) colors in their true nature. With the color correction feature on Android, this would no longer be the case. Color-blind people will not be short of color details when viewing content on their devices. Thanks Google.

Then: Are custom settings brutally disabled in your Android accessibility menu? Check out the next article to discover several ways to solve this problem.

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