What is Base System Device? How to fix Base System Device error?

Base System Device Windows 10

A Basic system can go from a card reader to a chipset device on your motherboard. In some cases, after reinstalling Windows or connecting a new component, installing the driver is a failure. You can see it under Device Manager> Other Devices. You will find an entry under the name of Base System Device – and this may appear as not installed. Sometimes you will see that it is listed but with a yellow exclamation point. In this article, we will talk about the basic system device and the basic system device error resolution.

How to fix the basic system error

Basic System Device is a technical term that designates a device such as a card reader, motherboard chipset, network devices, and so on. When installing and reinstalling Windows, you can see the list of this basic system device with yellow or unamended exclamation points installed.

How to fix the error related to the basic system device

  1. Install drivers directly from OEM Web sites
  2. Install Drivers Using Windows Update

1) Install drivers from OEM websites

The error occurs if the hardware drivers for your computer are not installed correctly. These drivers are related to the motherboard, processor and other chipsets. To remedy this situation, you must search for and download the corresponding drivers. You can use the OEM DVD if you have one or visit the official website to download the drivers. You can also use Windows Update to download the latest drivers, if they are available with the system.

Example for the Intel chipset driver:

Intel recommends downloading the latest chipset driver Integrated network driver for Microsoft Windows, Unzip the file and launch:


You can also install the driver without installing any software by running:

apps setup SETUPBD SetupBD.EXE

2) Install with the help of Windows Update

  1. Right-click the list, and then click Update Driver Software.
  2. The update wizard starts searching for an update in the Windows Update catalog or allows you to select a driver to update.
  3. Restart the computer after the installation is complete.

We hope these steps were easy to follow and helped you fix the error and understand how it works.

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