Protocol negotiation failed error for TeamViewer

Protocol negotiation failed TeamViewer

TeamViewer can help us connect to a remote computer. But sometimes, when someone tries to connect to a remote computer, he throws the Failed to negotiate the protocol Error message. Error states,

Failed to negotiate the protocol. Try Again.

This error occurs when a user tries to establish a connection with a remote computer. The cause of this error is an interruption in establishing the software connection. This interruption can be caused by an antivirus, firewall, or other network configuration error.

Protocol negotiation failed for TeamViewer

The following methods will help you to effectively solve the error of protocol negotiation in TeamViewer on Windows:

  1. DNS flush.
  2. Configure the Windows firewall accordingly.
  3. Disable the antivirus temporarily.
  4. Update TeamViewer.

1) DNS Flush

Open the Windows command prompt, run the following three commands sequentially to clear the DNS cache:

ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew ipconfig/flushdns

Quit the command prompt and check if this resolves your problem.

You can try to reset Winsock & Reset also TCP / IP.

2) Configure the Windows Firewall accordingly

You will need to allow TeamViewer into the Windows Firewall settings..

Open the Control Panel and visit the following location:

Control Panel All Control Panel Items Windows Defender Firewall Allowed Apps

Now click on Modify the parameters. In the list, locate TeamViewer and check both Private and public connection for that.

Click on D & #39; AGREEMENT.

This should solve your problem.

3) Temporarily disable the antivirus

Some antivirus software may interfere with the security key. We recommend that you temporarily disable the anti-virus or Windows Defender solution and see if this resolves your issues.

4) Update TeamViewer

You must update TeamViewer for all users.

Run TeamViewer then click Help me in the Menu ribbon and then select Check for updates… If an update is found, you will receive a notification in seconds with a mini pop-up window.

To select Update and follow the on-screen instructions to get the latest TeamViewer updates.

Good luck!

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