What Is Default Account in Chrome and How to Change It

What Is Default Account in Chrome and How to Change It

Google Chrome makes it easy to switch between multiple Google accounts. You would think that this is an amazing feature of Google. Yes, it’s true, but it has its limits. For example, you cannot delete an account separately or change the default account with one click. So how do you change the default account in Chrome and what does a default account mean?

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When you open a Google products site from the Chrome browser on your PC, you should have noticed that it always logs you in with a particular account. This account is called the default account. If you’ve signed in with your work and personal accounts, you may want to change the default account.

Let’s see how to do this and also understand the default accounts in detail.

What is a default account in Chrome

The first impression with Google Chrome is quite vital and often overlooked. Whichever Google account you use to sign in to a Google service like Gmail, Google Drive, Photos, etc. from Chrome, it will become your default account for Google and Chrome services. However, Chrome’s sync feature will be disabled unless you enable it manually.

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Another way that Chrome makes a Google Account your default account is when you set up Chrome’s sign-in functionality.

From now on, when a Google account is used by default, everything you search for in Google will be considered the activity of this account. In addition, when you open a Google service, the default account connects to it.

For example, if you open Gmail or Google Photos in your browser, you will be redirected to the default account. You will need to switch accounts to use the service from another account. Even if you change accounts, browsing and search history will be linked to the default account.

Point: Learn how to delete Google search history everywhere.

How to identify a default account

Open any Google website such as Gmail, Drive, Photos or even the Google home page. Click on the profile icon at the top. A list of connected Google accounts is displayed. You will see the Default text mentioned next to the default account.

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Note: If you are logged into your default account, you will not see the default label. Switch to another Google Account and the label will appear.

How to change the default account in Chrome

Chrome doesn’t offer a dedicated button to switch accounts by default. The process is slightly twisted. You can use the following two methods to change the default account in Chrome.

Method 1: Log Out of All Accounts

In this method, you need to sign out of all Google accounts connected to Chrome. Then log in with the account you want to set by default first, followed by the other accounts.

Here are the steps in detail:

Step 1: Open Gmail or any other Google website in Chrome.

2nd step: Click the profile photo icon at the top. Click Disconnect from all accounts.

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Step 3: When you sign out, the page that opens depends on your connection to Chrome.

Case 1: Chrome Sync disabled

If you’re not signed in to Chrome, you’ll be taken to the sign in screen with your previous accounts listed there. Or the page will simply reload, and you will see the Connect button at the top. By clicking on Connection, you access the connection screen where you will see your Google accounts.

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Click the Google account you want to set as default. Enter your login information and log in. Then sign in with other Google accounts.

Pro tip: If you want to delete a single Google Account, click the Delete Account button.

Case 2: Chrome Sync activated

If you have enabled the synchronization feature for Chrome, you will be redirected to the “Synchronization is interrupted” screen. Here you will have two options: Continue and reconnect. Since you want to change your default account, click Continue instead of logging back in.

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Then open Gmail or another Google service and click the sign in button. All previously connected accounts will be displayed. Log in with the account you want to set as default, followed by the other accounts.

You may be wondering if you are signing in with another account in Google as opposed to the account registered with Chrome sync functionality. It works without any problems. Chrome will sync your bookmarks, passwords using the password manager, etc. with the old account. But your default account will be changed for Google sites

In the following screenshot, you can see that the Chrome and Google accounts are different.

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Try Chrome Profiles

Adding and switching between multiple personal Google Accounts isn’t a problem in Chrome. But if you share your browser with other people, we suggest that you use a different Chrome profile instead of changing your default account. In this way, your bookmarks, passwords, etc. will be kept separate for each user. If someone wants to use your browser for one-time use, open a guest profile for them.


Does guest mode in Chrome seem intriguing? Use the following link to find out how it differs from incognito mode.

Last updated on June 12, 2020

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