What is Google Advanced Protection Program and how it works?

What is Google Advanced Protection Program and how it works?

Downloads can be risky, but if the browser provides protection against risky downloads, you do not have to worry. Google Advanced Protection Program promises to protect people from malicious software aimed at Chromium. It was noted that cybercriminals are changing their strategies to threaten Advanced Protection users outside of email with related malware and "upload downloads". Users unknowingly downloaded harmful software to their devices. As such, it was deemed necessary to extend the service to the Chrome browser and not just limit it to Gmail accounts.

Google Advanced Protection Program

This is the highest level of digital protection for Google Personal Accounts exposed to a risk of targeted attacks, such as:

  • journalists
  • activists
  • The politicians
  • Entrepreneurs or business leaders

This feature offers a scalable list of security offerings to protect its users globally. Advanced protection goes further than the traditional two-step verification process. A user must use a physical security key in addition to your password to sign in to their Google Account.

How does advanced protection work?

Anyone interested can sign up for the program by purchasing two security keys. These security keys help protect users against hackers by preventing them from accessing their account. To add the key to your account,

Add a key to your account

Launch the Chrome browser and access your Google Account.

In the left navigation pane, select security.

Google Advanced Protection Program

In the "Sign in to Google", Select 2-step Verification.

If you have not yet configured the two-step verification, select Start. Otherwise, move on.

Google Advanced Protection Program

Select 'Choose another optionThen select 'Security key"

Follow the steps to add your security key.

Security Keys are small devices that you can use to connect to your computer, phone, or tablet. You can buy-

  • Titan Security Keys from the Google Store
  • Order a compatible security key from a trusted reseller
  • Use the built-in security key of a compatible phone to connect to your computer

Log in with your key

Once the key is added to your account, use it to connect as much as possible. If a security key does not work on your computer or browser, you will be able to log in with a code or prompt. Also note that every time you log in from a new computer or device, you will be asked again to use your security key.

Ask Google to remember your computer

After logging in with your key, you can login only with your password. Let's see how to configure this.

  1. Start by signing in to your Google Account.
  2. Check the box forDo not ask again on this computer"
  3. End the connection with your security key.

If someone tries to log in to your account from another computer, Google will ask for your security key. For more information, you can visit Google.com.

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