What is the MIUI Daemon app on Xiaomi?

Recently, many questions have been asked about the Xiaomi forums "MIUI DaemonUsers usually wonder about the application, its functions and its usefulness, and sometimes they worry about the security of the data.We have studied the question and the results are listed here.

Does Xiaomi spy on its users?

Some experts are certain that Xiaomi supplements its devices with spyware. Is it true or not, it's hard to say. Proponents of this view generally appeal to the fact that the MIUI GUI uses suspicious applications. From time to time, such applications send data to servers located in China.

One of them is MIUI Daemon. After analyzing the application, it is clear that it can collect and send information such as:

  • Time of activation of the screen;
  • Amount of integrated storage memory;
  • Loading statistics from the main memory;
  • Battery and CPU statistics;
  • If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are enabled;
  • The number of IMEI.

Is MIUI Daemon dangerous?

Does MIUI Daemon offer spyware applications? We do not think so. It's just a statistics collection service. Yes, it sends information to the developer's servers. On the other hand it does not use private data. It seems that the use of this application by the company Xiaomi analyzes the activity of its users to publish a new firmware according to the needs of the latter. Sometimes the application "eats" a lot of resources from the device, such as batteries. This is not good It is best to remove this app or revoke its permission.

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