Windows Backup Error 0x81000019, A shadow copy could not be created

When you try to make a backup of Windows 10, you may experience an error – A shadow copy could not be created. This error is associated with the VSS and SPP event logs and may be accompanied by the error code 0x81000019. If you encounter this problem, here are the possible solutions that can help you solve it. The image below shows one of the scenarios where the backup failed with the mention of the VSS and SPP event logs.

VSS SPP Shadow Copy Error Logs 0x81000019

What are VSS and SPP?

Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS is used to create backup copies or snapshots of Windows files and drivers. It is available if you use NTFS and these copies can be saved on a local or external hard disk. If the service is stopped, the backup process related to VSS will fail.

Software Protection Service or sppsvc.exe allows the download, installation and application of digital licenses for Windows and Windows applications.

The logs of these can be found with the event viewer. Run eventvwr.msc to open it. In the event viewer, you can search the application log for any ERROR reported by these services. VSS errors will appear in the application log as input with a source named VSS and SPP for the software protection service.

Windows Backup – A shadow copy could not be created.

When backing up Windows 10, if you receive a 0x81000019 error, you can not create a shadow copy, check the VSS and SPP logs, and then follow our suggestions to resolve the problem. If it is better to check the logs in the Event Viewer for the exact problem if you can not understand the meaning, follow these steps:

  1. Check the status of VSS and SPP services
  2. Check the storage space on the external drive or the computer
  3. Disable third-party security software
  4. Delete restore points

1) Check the status of VSS and SPP services

VSS SPP Shadow Copy Error Logs 0x81000019

Type services.msc in the prompt and press the Enter key.

In the service manager, locate Volume Shadow Copy Service and Software Protection Service.

Double-click to open each one of them and make sure their startup status is set as follows:

  • Volume Shadow Copy Service – Manual
  • Software Protection Service – Automatic (Delayed Start)

Then click the Start button to manually start these services, if they are not already. Now start the Backup and restore function and see.

2) Check the storage space on the external drive or the computer

The Windows backup service needs enough space on the source and the destination. If one of them does not, it can cause this error. This could be one of the causes of the mistake, but the only cause. Run CCleaner or the Disk Cleanup utility to free up disk space. You can also use Storage Sense to clean the drives.

The volume shadow copy may not work correctly if the available space on a drive is less than 40%. So use Integrated Disk Management or free partitioning software to change the disk size, if you wish.

3) Disable third-party security software

Sometimes third-party security services may interfere with the Windows backup service and in this case the software protection service interferes. We strongly recommend that you temporarily disable your security software and see if it helps you.

4) Delete recovery points

If the error message includes – The specified object was not found. Error code 0x81000019, then you may want to remove the old restore points from the drive you are trying to back up.

  • Right-click the drive, and then click the Properties button.
  • Switch to a previous version and delete all restore points.
  • Try to make a backup now.

Finally, you can try to create a backup in a minimal boot state, but it will be temporary. If you do not have a lot of time, you can use this option to make a backup, and then resolve the problem later.

We hope that these tips have been easy to follow and that you have been able to solve the problem.

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