YouTube Music vs Spotify: Which Music Streaming Service Is Better for You

YouTube Music vs Spotify: Which Music Streaming Service Is Better for You

The war of music streaming is at its peak. Every business wants a cake from this growing market trend. So far, Spotify leads the race with an absolute majority. Biggies like Amazon, Apple and Google with YouTube Music are catching up on the Swedish company. Of course, even we wondered which one to choose and that led to this comparison between YouTube Music and Spotify for streaming music in our office.

Speaking of Google, their journey has been eventful in music streaming. The search giant first tried its luck with Google Play Music, made it available by default on all Android devices, but failed to gain significant traction among users.

Google later abandoned Play Music and announced YouTube Music, a brand new music service with audio and video integration. To counter Spotify, Google is trying to take advantage of the YouTube platform for deep integration and aims to offer better value for money.

In this article, we compare YouTube Music with Spotify. The comparison will cover their user interface, discover the menu, listening experience, price, features, etc. Let’s start.

Multiplatform availability

Spotify is available on all platforms. The application is accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch. It also supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Google has made YouTube Music available on iOS, Android, Web, Windows and macOS (via Progressive Web App).

Discover songs

Discovering new music is as important as the listening experience. After all, these music streaming services deliver millions of songs to the user, and no one will want to spend a lot of time finding new songs.

As for YouTube Music, the service requests languages ​​and interested artists for a personalized homepage. When you search for a song and start playing it, the app automatically queues similar suggestions for the user.

As expected, YouTube Music offers ready-to-use playlists for training, driving, good humor, and more. My favorite feature is Discover Mix, which includes a list of 50 songs and is updated every Wednesday according to my listening habits and my preferences. Songs.

YT Discover

YT Artists

The concept is identical to Apple’s New Music Daily and Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Spotify also requests preferred languages ​​and artists for better recommendations. You can search for new songs by entering categories such as Rock, Dance, Chill, Jazz, etc.

When you create a playlist, Spotify suggests more songs based on the added tracks. And I must say that they are generally perfect.

Spotify Daily Mix

Spotify Artists

Spotify also creates a “Discover Weekly” playlist that brings together a list of new songs based on your listening history and your favorite songs. It doesn’t stop there. Spotify generates four daily mix playlists, which combine most of the songs heard as well as new ones.


Spotify offers three plans. The individual premium costs $ 10 per month. The student plan is 50% off at $ 5 a month, and the family plan starts at $ 30 a month, allowing you to add five more members. Additional features include ad-free experience, high music quality, and unlimited downloads. These prices are for the United States region and may vary by country.

YouTube Music is part of YouTube Premium, which costs $ 12 per month. The family plan is set at $ 18 per month. The plan offers an ad-free YouTube experience, unlimited downloads, and background video playback.

Improve your music game

As you can see in the comparison above, YouTube Music and Spotify have their pros and cons. YouTube Music shines with video integration and Siri shortcuts. Spotify is ahead of its competitors with more precise song suggestions, a podcast add-on, a better user interface and lyrics integration.


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Last updated March 6, 2020

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