6 Golden Rules of Wearing Tennis Socks

6 Golden Rules of Wearing Tennis Socks

Every tennis fan or player understands the importance of equipment. Yes, skill, stamina, knowledge and experience are the most important factors if you want to be a good player in this sport, but having the right shoes, clothes and rackets are also essential. There is also a large part of every tennis equipment that everyone forgets. Tennis socks. Yes, this is correct. They are also just as important.

There’s probably a reason all of these pros wear them, right? Well, if you want to understand exactly why professionals organize them, what are the benefits and what kind of socks you should buy for this sport, you will have to learn the golden rules of wearing tennis socks. Since this is a very specialized subject, but also a very important one, I wanted to write this article and tell you about these golden rules and everything you need to know about it.

Always choose quality materials

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Socks are always designed to be accessible and affordable for everyone. And that makes a lot of sense for this type of clothing. The most important purpose is to protect your cargo and keep it warm, especially on colder days.

However, generally, the socks we wear on a regular basis are of much inferior quality material, which makes them horrible for other purposes such as sports, especially tennis.

The quality of the material is essential because it must protect you from pressure, friction, humidity, perspiration, etc. While you are in your tennis shoes there will be a lot of movement which results in fiction and fiction leads to blisters. Dealing with blisters is always a horrible experience. For this reason, you should look for tennis socks made from a blend of cotton with nylon, spandex or other similar moisture wicking material.

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They need to look good

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When exercising, most people don’t really care about their appearance and that is the way it should be. When you train, you only need to worry about being comfortable and practicing your skills. Everything else is not important.

However, if you are playing in a serious and competitive match, it is probably a good idea to think about your style. Combine your clothes with your shoes and combine your shoes with your tennis socks.

Don’t worry, finding a great style while playing tennis is not that difficult. Professional players have been doing this for decades. So, finding the right socks will turn out to be easier than you might think.

Comfort is the number one priority

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Everything I have mentioned in this article is important, but the most essential thing that you need to worry about is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable in a pair of socks, you should change them immediately. You don’t have to wait to “break them”. They are not shoes. If they don’t fit your feet, they never will. Give them to someone else, throw them away or do whatever you want with them, don’t wear them.

Now you will have to search for a new pair. Make sure you try them out before you buy them. Again, comfort should be your number one priority, as you will be wearing this pair of socks for four hours during your training or in a competitive match. If you are still not convinced, you can always Read more on the importance of finding comfortable tennis socks. You wouldn’t want a pair of shredded cotton to be the cause of your match loss, right?

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Bulk buy

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Another rule of thumb or at least a really good tip is to always buy tennis socks in bulk. Why is this a good idea? Well, it’s no secret that tennis players are constantly going through new clothes because of rips. In other words, you should expect that even your new pair can only break after a few days of training.

If you’ve spent hours or days finding the right pair, it’s a good idea to just buy in bulk. Since finding a good pair of nylon or cotton stockings is very rare, why not buy 10? Yes, they will be visually identical, but is that really a bad thing? Every time the cotton starts to give way, you can always switch to that exact same pattern, maintaining the same level of comfort.

Always turn white

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If there is a golden rule respected by all players all over the world, both professional and amateur, it is that their pair of socks should always be white, of course, this is not at all compulsory, but it is is recommended to stick to this tradition. This is what the public wants to see.

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Keep in mind that there is no obvious benefit to wearing a white color. It won’t protect you from blisters or prevent sweating or anything like that. It’s just more aesthetic for everyone. The white color can be easily combined with any other equipment or clothing. White can go great with your shoes, shorts, shirts, and even your racquet.


Previously I mentioned that the material used for this type of clothing should always be either cotton or a blend of cotton with nylon or spandex. The mixture of these two materials allows a better evacuation of humidity. However, you need to understand how important this kind of functionality really is.

Every time you play a long game, your legs and feet start to sweat in and on the shoes. The goal of good tennis socks is to wick away all the sweat to keep your feet dry throughout the game. It is a golden rule for every professional player. There are probably a few more golden rules I could mention that relate to wearing tennis socks, but I think these six rules mentioned above are the most important.

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