6 Things You Need To Know Before Using A Fiber Laser Marking Machine

6 Things You Need To Know Before Using A Fiber Laser Marking Machine

When it comes to marking, cutting or engraving surfaces, laser technology is always the optimal choice. It’s fast, efficient and precise. If you have the right type of laser, you can easily cut into almost any material and add any type of text, image, or pattern you want. The advantages on traditional cut are obvious and for anyone considering doing this kind of work, a fiber laser marking machine is a must have. In recent years, or more precisely the last decade, the technology of laser engraving machines has improved considerably.

What once cost tens of thousands of dollars, today it costs no more than 1000 dollars. It’s really amazing how far this technology has reached. However, anyone who is new to this technology will have a hard time buying the right machine. There are so many different features, pros and cons that you will need to look at before you can make the purchase. To help you out, I decided to write this article and tell you about all the things you need to know before you can buy and use a fiber laser marking machine.

Proper care of optical lenses

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Optics are one of the most important parts or perhaps the most important part of a fiber laser marking chip. Without the lens, the laser beam cannot be strong enough to cut through any material. Using these optical parts, in one tiny place, allowing you to engrave, cut and mark. Think of it as a concentration of all the power of the machine in just a few millimeters.

However, the problem with the optical lens is that it is very fragile. A single drop could shatter it and even a single scratch could render it completely useless. In other words, it is a very vulnerable part that you need to take care of. If the device needs maintenance, you should disassemble it carefully to make sure you do not scratch or damage the lenses. Once you have successfully removed them, be sure to put them in a safe place, preferably covered with a microfiber cloth.

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Using something different from microfiber can easily scratch the surface of the optics. Not recommended. In addition, you should avoid leaving the optics in the open. Believe it or not, but even dust and other small particles can damage it. It is also recommended to avoid touching the glass directly with your fingers. Your fingers contain oil, grease, and all kinds of other contaminants that could be the cause of future damage.

Appropriate training is required

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It is true that fiber lazing marking machines are now more accessible than ever. You can even buy one from Amazon for under $ 200. Of course, this $ 200 machine will not be in any way similar to a machine that costs several thousand dollars, but at least it exists in the market. However, just because this technology is now available to the average customer, doesn’t mean you should use one without proper training.

Fortunately, some manufacturers or companies will provide you with details on the safety, maintenance, techniques, and all kinds of other operating principles on your brand new fiber laser marking machine. For more information, see https://hispeedlaser.com/fiber-laser-marking-machine/. With this type of training, you will certainly be able to handle the device safely. You will know exactly what you should and should not do. Because if you don’t, you not only present a danger to yourself and your colleagues, but you are also a danger to the finished product.

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The first time you order this type of device, you will need some advice on how to set it up. The installation process is neither straightforward nor easy. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, the manufacturers should provide you with a guide for the installation process and any safety procedures you will need to follow. Equally important is the location of the machine. It should be a room with very low humidity and clean. As I mentioned before, even the smallest particles of dust can damage some parts. It is essential to keep the surrounding area clean.

Always check the settings before use

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One of the biggest expenses associated with using this type of device is the hardware. The more materials you need, the more money you will spend. To reduce your expenses as much as possible effectively, it is essential to always check the device settings before use. Even when you’re sure the settings haven’t been changed, it’s good to have this kind of habit. Who knows, could have happened. Someone could have changed the settings without telling you. Or maybe the machine itself has reset the settings.

Regular maintenance

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Usually, fiber laser marking machines are very durable and require little maintenance over the years. But, if you want to make sure that this machine will last as long as possible, you will need to do regular maintenance. For basic and regular maintenance, it is often preferable to use the guide or the user’s manual. If the manual is not sufficiently informative on this subject, you can always contact the manufacturers for advice.

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Always test first

This is another one of those essential things that you need to know before you can use your fiber laser marking machine. This tip will also help you save on unnecessary expenses. No matter what type of product you are working on, it is always best to do a test first to make sure you are entering the correct settings. The test should be performed on a disposable object of a similar material. By doing this, you won’t actually waste any of the expensive materials. There are probably a lot of other things that you will learn using your laser engraving machine, but these things that I mentioned above are some of the essential things that you just need to know.

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