7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue

7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue
Recently, when I connected my laptop to Amazon Echo via Bluetooth, I could not hear the sound while the media file was playing normally. When I disconnected the devices, the audio was read on the laptop. However, when I reconnected them, this is not the case. If you can not hear the Echo sound from your Bluetooth connected device, you're in the right place.

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It's no secret that supported Echo devices can be used as Bluetooth speakers (and vice versa). When this happens, you can play audio from your phone or laptop via Echo. Sometimes, even when you connect Echo to your phone or laptop, there is no sound.

Let's see how to solve any sound problem via Bluetooth on Amazon Echo.

Note: In all the fixes mentioned below, you must have patience. All devices require some time to update the information required for connection via Bluetooth.

1. Restart the connected devices

"Have you tried turning it off and on?" Before changing a setting, restart your phone or laptop as an Echo audio source. Then try again to play the sound.

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2. Unplug the echo

Many times, unplugging and re-connecting Echo from the AC outlet also solves the problem of Bluetooth connectivity. This resets the power cycle of the device, which helps to solve any problem. You must unplug the power cord from your Echo device. Wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting.

3. Increase the volume of echo

Have you checked the volume of your Echo? Sometimes the volume is zero, which is why no sound is output from a connected Bluetooth device. Use the echo volume knob to increase the volume. Otherwise, say "Alexa, volume ten". This will increase the volume to the maximum. You can also set other volume controls such as "Alexa, Increase / Decrease Volume" or "Alexa, Volume N". Here, N is any number between 1 and 10.

4. Remove the AUX cable

Is an auxiliary cable connected to your echo? Remove it. Then try to play audio on your laptop or mobile via Bluetooth.

However, if the auxiliary cable is not connected to your Echo, insert it into the jack once and remove it. Sometimes the Echo device thinks it's still connected to the input and therefore does not output for the connected Bluetooth device. The connection and removal will solve the problem.

5. Pair the Bluetooth device correctly

If you are connecting your phone or laptop to Echo for the first time, be sure to follow the appropriate steps. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Be within range of your Echo device. Disable Bluetooth on all existing devices associated with Echo.

2nd step: Open the Alexa app and tap the devices at the bottom.

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Step 3: Select your Echo device from the list of available devices.

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Step 4: Tap Bluetooth Devices> Link New Device.

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Step 5: Activate Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. Open the Bluetooth settings and configure it also in pairing mode. Connect it to your Echo device. Wait a moment that they are correctly paired. Once the connection is established, Alexa will announce the same thing.

Now listen to the sound from your connected phone or laptop, it will be broadcast via Echo. At any time, if you want to stop playing Echo, you can turn off Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. You can also say the command "Alexa, disconnect". If you're having trouble connecting to Echo, check out our detailed guide for connecting phones and laptops to Echo.

6. Connecting to the right Bluetooth device

Although Echo devices can remember multiple Bluetooth devices, they can only be connected to one device at a time. So make sure the echo is connected to the device that you are trying to connect to and not to another device.

Note: Echo connects to the last connected Bluetooth device if multiple devices are at hand.

To do this, first disconnect the existing Bluetooth connections by saying "Alexa, disconnect". Then connect it to the specific device by saying "Alexa, associate it with (device name)" or "Alexa, connect to (device name)".

Point: You must disable Bluetooth on other devices in order to properly connect Echo to your device.

7. Unlink Bluetooth devices

If the problem persists after trying the solutions above, you must forget about the Bluetooth device. Sometimes, even though the Alexa app says that the device is connected, it is not connected properly. That's why you can not hear the sound of the Echo.

To solve this problem, you must forget the problematic Bluetooth device of the Alexa application. To do this, open the Alexa app and tap Devices at the bottom. Access your Echo device from Echo & Alexa> Name of your Echo device. Select Bluetooth devices. Tap on your device and tap Forget Device.

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Then, associate it with your echo again, as shown above. If the problem still persists, go to the pairing menu and press the option to forget all paired devices.

Bonus: Alexa orders for Bluetooth

Here are some useful commands that can be used with Alexa for Bluetooth.

Pair device

Say the command 'Alexa, pair'. He will launch the matching process on the echo.

Connect to a particular device

If you have paired multiple Bluetooth devices with Echo, you can connect to a particular device by saying 'Alexa,' connect to (device name) '.

Disconnect from the Bluetooth device

To disconnect from a particular device or connected device, say the 'Alexa, disconnect' or 'Alexa' command, disconnect from (device name) '.

Sound check

The use of Echo Dot or the larger Echo saves you from having to use another Bluetooth speaker. In addition to being smart, it also saves space. We hope that the above solutions will help you find the Bluetooth audio output in Echo.

Next up: Noticed the Drop in feature on the Alexa app? We explain in detail how it differs from the regular call feature.

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