9 Best War Documentaries on Netflix That You Must Watch

9 Best War Documentaries on Netflix That You Must Watch

Recently, a friend recommended watching a documentary called Band of Brothers. It's great. I like watching war movies, but I have never paid much attention to war documentaries. I've always thought that they were too slow for me. Boy, I was wrong. I immediately got to work and found 9 more that I will share with you below.

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These war documentaries, currently available on Netflix, are masterpieces by award-winning directors and artists with multiple interviews. Many archive images and images were used to recreate the action, horrors, moral dilemma and tensions of the war. Quite intrigued?

Let's start.

1. The Civil War

No list of war documentaries is complete without Ken Burns. Expert in war and history, Ken Burns delivers a masterpiece with The Civil War. This is the first time he's using the Burns effect, named after him, in which zoom and pan are used in pictures to make them feel like they're moving.

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Miniseries of 9 episodes, the premiere of The Civil War's is the episode most watched on PBS at the time. The Civil War relies on more than 16,000 images and paintings from the war era, interviews, quotes and excerpts of letters to recreate history.

2. Five came back

Told in the voice of Meryl Streep, an Oscar winner, Five Came Back tells the story of five legendary and acclaimed directors who enlisted in the armed forces to document World War II. These brave souls had a camera and movies instead of guns and grenades and knew how to use them for greater effect.

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The mini-series revolves around John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra and George Stevens, and is told by modern pillars such as Paul Greengrass, Steven Spielberg, Ford Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro and Lawrence Kasdan.

3. Auschwitz: the Nazis and the "final solution"

The miniseries tells the story of the Holocaust. Former detainees and guards of the Auschwitz concentration camp recount in detail the terrifying experiences and acts of horror to which Jewish detainees were subjected, at the height of German rule.

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Laurence Rees, scriptwriter and director, says that the precision of every word and every spoken scene is "double and triple source".

4. The Vietnam War

Another Ken Burns classic, The Vietnam War takes a different approach. Instead of taking interviews with celebrities such as Jane Fonda and other experts, Ken Burns turned to interviews of ordinary people who survived. A reality on the ground.

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Listen to the direct testimony of families who fought the war and survived, politicians who were for or against the war, soldiers who fought in the war and protesters who wanted an end to the conflict.

5. Hitler's evil circle

When I was young, I wondered how a man could be responsible for two world wars? Well, he was not alone. Hitler had a narrow circle of "evil" Nazi leaders who were determined to serve their Führer.

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This documentary looks at the powerful men of the Third Reich, their motivations, their personal relationships and how all these elements were brought together to create a worrisome future for Germany.

6. Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded to a soldier or war hero in the United States. Great pride for the man / woman on duty and their family members. This series of anthologies attempts to recreate the stories of these exceptional individuals who, by their actions, have left a lasting impact.

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The documentary beautifully describes the personal sacrifices they chose to make, their acts of courage and bravery, and the spirit they had at the time.

7. Age of Tanks

Technological breakthroughs also have a profound impact on the war. This is the main subject of Age of Tanks. Tanks are powerful weapons of destruction. Their advancement has had an impact on wars and world politics.

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Age of Tanks covers the history of tanks and their role in shaping the world in which we live. If you are fascinated by war machines, this documentary is a must.

8. Inside the Mossad

Brave men and women fight in wars with weapons of all kinds, but they all depend on intelligence. The information is so crucial that it can change the direction of an entire war. This is where spies and secret organizations come on the scene.

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Mossad is the Israeli intelligence office, known to be one of the best in the world and the number of agents employed after the CIA. Like James Bond? Do not miss this one.

9. Closing appeals against terrorism

Terrorist acts are a different type of war, with a myriad of facets. Some crucial questions always arise: where will they find all the money, manpower and weapons needed to finance these seemingly random terrorist acts?

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Terrorism Close Calls is a series of interviews with members of law enforcement who remember their close relationship with terrorism and terrorists. What is even more disconcerting is that these terrorist attacks never happened because of these men and women.

The art of war

Sun Tzu, the former Chinese military strategist of the 6th century BC, rightly named his collection of 13 chapters entitled The Art of War. It is still considered very relevant and effective. War may seem random, but a lot of things happen behind the scenes that we never know, or even understand.

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