Ashampoo PDF Free: Edit, Create, and Manage PDF files on Windows 10

Ashampoo PDF Free: Edit, Create, and Manage PDF files on Windows 10

We recently talked about Ashampoo Burning Studio, which is still available for free, and now it’s time to talk about their professional but free PDF software, which is also available for free. PDF is actively used around the world and one of the most difficult parts is to edit it. Not anymore. Ashampoo PDF offers professional quality software with features that may suffice for most consumers. I strongly suggest downloading this file immediately if you don’t have a PDF editor on your computer. Let’s talk about Ashampoo PDF Free.

Before you begin, once you have downloaded the software, it will be activated using your Ashampoo account. You can use your email ID to create one if you don’t have one. Your Ashampoo account will have the registration of all Ashampoo products that you have downloaded with the activation keys. You can also download all activation keys in PDF format.

Ashampoo PDF Free for Windows 10

Reading PDF is no longer a problem. Most modern browsers support it immediately. What is difficult is modify, delete or add pages, fill in forms, etc.

  • Add text to PDF
  • Adding notes to PDF
  • PDF file pages management
  • PDF document security
  • Ashampoo PDF Free Features

These features are very useful for those who need to edit PDF documents from time to time, but even if you have to do it someday, make sure you have it on the computer. Since this is the main purpose of the software, let’s talk about it first.

Edit, create and manage PDF files

1]Add text to PDF

Any PDF file you open will be available for instant editing. So, if you’re also using it as a PDF reader, be sure to switch to View mode (Edit> Work Mode> View). When you’re done, go into Edit mode.

Highlighted text add text Ashampoo PDF

When you click anywhere or drag the PDF file, it create a text box where you can write your text. You can change fonts, text size, alignment, line spacing and even use a highlighter. You can also increase or decrease the size of the text box.

When editing files, you have the option of “Return to Saved.””If you are not sure whether this is the edition you want as the final result, you can use it to revert to the last saved state.

2]Add notes to PDF

The tool can also be used as a markup tool. If you approve and point to the PDF tool already created, use it. The markup tool offers. You can add comments, draw rectangles, circles, polygons, doodle to draw as desired, line tools. Your name will be used, so if someone else opens the PDF, the person will be able to read all of the comments.

3]Manage pages in PDF file

Ashampoo page management

If you want to add, delete or extract pages from a PDF file, the tool also offers these features. Open a PDF file, then click the Pages menu, and you have all of these options. You can choose to add a PDF after a particular page, the first page or the last page. Once you’re done adding and removing pages, you can rearrange them to what works best for you.

4]PDF document security

Since the software offers almost a version management function, you can choose the document security level. Once you have selected the security level (Acrobat 3 to Acrobat 7), continue and configure password protection for the document. At the same time, you can add a user name, choose the edition level, control the print quality, copy the content extraction, unlock locked objects, etc.

Ashampoo Document Security

Ashampoo PDF Free Features

  • Create PDF: built-in printer driver to create PDF from any Windows application
  • Fill out interactive forms and static forms
  • Compact size and loads PDF files faster
  • Find text in documents
  • Add deletion, replacement and reorganization pages
  • Insert pages from existing PDF documents based on a range

Download Ashampoo PDF free on the official website.

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