Best free Dynamic DNS services on the web you should be using

Best free Dynamic DNS services on the web you should be using

Dynamic DNS, also known as DDNS, or DynDNS, is a very important tool for mapping domain names to IP addresses. This is to allow a single web address to connect to a constantly changing IP address.

Note that DDNS works best if you want to create a web server at home or connect remotely to your Windows 10 computer from anywhere in the world. A free DDNS system would make commissioning super easy if you had no idea before.

Free dynamic DNS services

In this article, we will discuss some of the best free dynamic DNS options available:

  1. Duck dns
  2. Dynu
  3. No IP

1]Duck dns

One of the best free DDNS options available on the web today is Duck DNS, and no, it has no links to the privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo. The service relies heavily on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, so if you are looking for reliability, this is the place.

Unfortunately, the user interface is not the best, but you realize that it is maintained by two software engineers, so quality design is not their strong point. The good news is that there are a bunch of tutorials on the website for anyone who might get lost. Visit DuckDNS here.


Free dynamic DNS services

What we have here is a neat tool designed to configure your home network. We like Dynu because it gives the user the option to use their own domain name or a third level domain that includes No matter where the domain comes from, it will work with a problem.

Now the configuration is super easy thanks to the Dynu client which runs in the background of your computer. This client makes sure your IP addresses are never out of sync, and that’s wonderful, of course.

Note that with Dynu, there are certain limitations regarding the free account. You see, users are limited to four subdomains, so if you want more, get ready to pay. Download Dynu here.

3]No IP

Have you ever heard of No-IP? You should, because it’s one of the old players in the DDNS market. It started life as a free service, but like many of these services, they either give up the free option 100% or add limitations.

Fortunately for us, No-IP has not done everything to abandon its free level. Free users get up to three subdomains that will never expire as long as the user confirms their activity every 30 days. This can be a problem if people forget to perform the task, but it’s certainly easy to set an alarm using Windows 10.

Now, although the basic offer without IP is limited, we think it is suitable for most users, therefore, in this sense, we have no problem recommending it. Visit No IP. to start using it.


When you want dynamic DNS, free DNS and domain hosting, how about giving a chance? Yes, the name is strange enough for a DNS host, but it’s something you shouldn’t worry about. In truth, what we have here is one of the best free DDNS hosting services on the web today.

For those who want to use unlimited domains, don’t worry, because the option is there, plus 20 subdomains for each. In addition, when it comes to free subdomains, users can only take advantage of five.

Note that DNS pointing does not take long. In fact, it’s instant, and when it comes to domains, the user can choose, well, it’s over 55,000. There’s even a free URL redirection, which is a feature that most DDNS hosts from this list are missing. Visit to begin.

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