Can’t hear game sound or other gamers on Xbox One

OK, so you have a Xbox One video game console and its something that you play regularly. You also like to communicate with others on Xbox Live with your voice through headphones or whatever you prefer to use. For some reason, everyone can hear your voice, but you can’t hear them. The first thing that comes to my mind is whether the device has stopped working or not. Maybe the best thing is to go out and buy a new mic, but we’d like to recommend a better option that could save you time and money.

We have encountered a ton of problems like this, and you know what? Most of them are simple to repair. No need to invest in a new microphone or headset, unless the problem completely escapes you. In this case, we think the problem is a simple solution, so let’s go to see if it is.

Xbox One microphone or headset does not work

If you’re unable to hear audio or audio from other players or friends on Xbox Live during a game or group chat, try these suggestions:

  1. Unplug or restart the microphone
  2. Is the microphone muted?
  3. Mic off?
  4. Test the helmet
  5. Re-associate your controller with your profile.
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Let’s see the process involved in a little more detail.

1]Unplug or restart the microphone

Sometimes you just need to unplug the microphone, then plug it in again. If you are using a wireless microphone, turn it off and on again. You would be surprised at the effectiveness of these methods, but most people have no idea.

2]Is the microphone muted?

Check if the orange LED indicator next to the mute is on. If so, simply re-enable the microphone. Microsoft needs to make it more visible when the microphones are muted on the Xbox One, so hopefully the company will make huge changes with the Xbox Series X.

3]Mic off?

Can't hear game or other players' audio on Xbox One

If your headset is equipped with a microphone mute switch, we suggest that you check if it is turned off. If not, we need to verify this via software.

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Press the guidance button, navigate to Systems, select the cog symbol> Audio, and then look at the toggle switch to see if the microphone is on or off. Click the switch to turn on the microphone, then try communicating with your friends again.

4]Test the headset (requires internet connection)

What we need to do here is start a group chat, but one with yourself. So, first, log into your Xbox Live account, and then press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the Guide. From there, go to Multiplayer, then select Start Party.

To make sure your microphone is not muted in group chat, press Y on the controller, which is designed to disable or enable the mute option in this section. Now speak into the microphone to test if everything is working properly.

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If so, you should see a ring appear around your player image, which indicates that the microphone is working fine.

5]Re-associate your controller with your profile

The last step is to reassociate the controller to the Xbox profile. From there, press the Xbox button on your controller, then go to System> Settings> Kinect & Devices> Devices & Accessories. Now, in the Assigned to section, please select your Gamertag.

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