Firefox showing wrong or no bookmark favicon on Windows 10

Firefox showing wrong or no bookmark favicon

If you have recently updated the Mozilla Firefox browser and found Firefox showing bad or no bookmark faviconHere are some possible solutions you can follow to get rid of this problem. You must reset or refresh the favicon cache and force the favicon service to restart.

Firefox showing bad or no bookmark favicon

If Firefox displays an invalid or non-existent bookmark favicon in the browser, follow these suggestions:

  1. Rebuild the favicon configuration file
  2. Restart the favicon service
  3. Disable all add-ons
  4. Scan the PC for adware

The following instructions will show you how to apply these solutions.

1) Rebuild the favicon configuration file

Firefox creates a file when you mark a page. We call it favicons.sqlite and he lives on your computer. To rebuild or refresh this favicons file, you must access this path


Before you go on this path, you have to display the hidden files – otherwise, you will not see the AppData folder.

After visiting your profile folder, you must locate favicons.sqlite and delete this file.

After that, open Firefox to create the same favicon configuration file. It should be created automatically.

Now check if all icons appear normally or not.

2) Restart the favicon service

If the above solution did nothing for you or if you do not see the favicons.sqlite file in the folder, you need to restart the favicon service. This helps when you do not see the correct favicon for your pages marked with a bookmark.

To do this, open the Firefox browser, type about: config in the address bar and click on the Enter button. You should find a warning message. On this page, select I accept the right button.

Search using the search field. By default, the value must be set to False. You must double-click on it to set the value as True.

After that, go to Menu> Web Developer> Browser Console. If not, you can press Ctrl + Shift + J.

Paste the following command into the pop-up window and click the Enter button.

var fS = Components.classes(";1") .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIFaviconService); fS.expireAllFavicons();

Now, restart your browser and check whether it has solved the problem or not.

3) Disable all add-ons

The add-ons are there to enhance the browsing experience and get the functionality that is not available by default. However, if you have installed a buggy or spammy add-on, the problem may appear in your browser. There is a simple solution to this problem. You must disable all installed add-ons. For that, open the Firefox browser and go to Menu> Add-ons. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift + A.

After that, go to Extensions section and click on the respective deactivate buttons.

Now, restart your browser and check if you can find the favicons or not.

4) Scan the PC for adware

If your browser or computer is being attacked by adware, the problem is likely to occur. Adware can modify or modify various settings and corrupt various files related to browser settings. Therefore, you should scan your computer for adware. There are several practical tools for removing adware, such as the Bitdefender Adware removal tool, AdwCleaner, and so on. You can use any of them.

Do not forget to clear the browser cache if none of the above suggestions worked for you.

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