Fix blurry font and font-smoothing with Better ClearType Tuner for Windows 10

Better ClearType Tuner for Windows 10

If you see fuzzy fonts on your Windows computer, a free software called Best ClearType tuner may be able to help you correct fuzzy fonts. If you are familiar with ClearType, the built-in Windows tool, you will not spend much time understanding the workflow.

Best ClearType Tuner for Windows 10

Better ClearType Tuner has only a few options:

  • Antialiasing Fonts
  • Check anti-aliasing of sub-pixels in RGB, BGR and Grayscale models
  • Contrast adjustment

After the download, extract the Zip file, right-click the executable file, and select Run as an administrator. Then you will see a window like this


You can now choose different layouts, such as RGB, BGR, change the contrast level and check the appearance of the sample text on your monitor.

If you are satisfied with the example, you can click on the button Together button. This will help correct fuzzy fonts.

After that, you must restart your computer to apply the changes.

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After making a change, if you think there is a problem with the text, you can open this tool and click on the button reset button. It will restore the default settings immediately.

Windows 10 does not allow users to apply the same font smoothing settings at once, so you can use this free software to do your work. In addition, it is useful when you are not satisfied with the built-in ClearType tool.

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If you like the features of this software, you can download it from the software official download page.

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