How to Create Custom Accent Colors for Android Devices (Root)

android ui custom colors

In this guide, we will detail the steps to create a custom accent color for your rooted Android device. With the launch of Android Pie 9.0, Google made a huge change that surely disappointed some Android users. With this update, Google has blocked the custom overlay functionality. And with that came the end of Substratum, the popular theme engine. This not only had an impact on the rootless version of Substratum (Andromeda), but also spelled the end of most rooted Android devices.

But recently, I came across an app that is somewhat capable of doing this. Although this is far from the Substratum module, it is still able to theme certain components of the device. And if you use a custom ROM, you will get a much better result. So without further ado, let's take a look at the Custom Accent Color app. Plus, with the holiday season just around the corner, take a look at the Christmas Substratum theme as a holiday gift!

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Create a custom accent color

android color ui settings
Red accent custom color

The Custom Accent Color app is a work of a senior member of XDA Akilesh_15. In addition to requiring root, this application will work on Android 9 and 10, and may or may not work on Oreo devices. In addition, simply uninstalling the APK will not help. Indeed, the application, once installed, is integrated into a Magisk module. So, if you ever want to uninstall it, you will need to remove the module from / data / adb / modules via adb or TWRP Recovery. Or take the help of our detailed guide to uninstall Magisk modules.

Additionally, if your custom ROM already has a custom accent color picker, the app may conflict with that. It is therefore better not to try on these devices. This guide is tested on an Android One rooted in stock running Android Pie 9.0. That said, here are the features of the Custom Accent Color app and the next steps to install it.

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features of the accent color creation app

  1. Select custom colors from your background, from the preset colors available in the app or even create your own custom color.
  2. You can create multiple accents that could be created and saved.
  3. Activate or deactivate the accents as desired.
  4. Easily delete any accents created just by swiping to the left.

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Steps to install a custom accent color

create android accent color

  1. Meeting on Github and download it Custom accent color application: acc-v1.30.apk
  2. You now have the option of using the colors of your wallpapers, creating your own custom color or choosing from a set of predefined colors.
  3. In this guide, we will create a new color using the Custom color option.
  4. Use the bar to set the desired RGB value and press D & #39; AGREEMENT. Then give a name to your accent color and press Create an accent color.activate accent color
  5. Finally, a Super user request will appear, press Grant. As soon as you do, the To restart The option will appear now.
  6. After restarting the device, the newly created accent color will now be present under Accents created. Just press Activate to apply the selected accent color.
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With that, we conclude the guide on how to create a custom accent color for your rooted Android device. Share your opinions on the same subject in the comments section below.

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