Google Pixel 5a Buyer’s Guide

Google Pixel 5a buying guide

This is our Google Pixel 5a buying guide, which gives you all the information you need to know what it offers and how you can get it.

Google Pixel 5a Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Google Pixel 5a release date leaks;  Android 11 more or less confirmed for mid-range phones -

Google’s A-series line of devices is where the company places its budget phones. Until the next Google Pixel 6 Pro could get very expensive, Google’s budget offerings are bigger than ever. The most recent of these phones is the Google Pixel 5a and it is the first phone to release from Google in 2022.

As with previous phones in the series, the Pixel 5a has the basic features that users expect from a Pixel while still maintaining a relatively low price tag. However, unlike previous As series units, the price of this phone may not be as low as expected.

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Google Pixel 5a at a glance

Google launched the Google Pixel 5a on August 17, 2021 Similar to the Google Pixel 4a launch in 2020, the company hasn’t put on a major streaming event or a lot of fanfare. announced the phone with a simple press release.

Don’t let this apparent lack of emotion diminish the appeal of the phone. Overall, the Pixel 5a is like a slightly thinner version of the Google Pixel 5 (or a beefed-up version of the Pixel 4a 5G, the choice is yours). ) with a bigger screen, bigger battery and better build quality. Sure, the Pixel 5 lacks a few key features, including wireless charging and a high refresh rate display, but you still get a lot for what you spend.

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Speaking of which, the Google Pixel 5a has a starting price of $ 449, which is $ 50 less than last year’s Pixel 4a 5G; However, it’s also $ 100 more than the Pixel 4a, which is a pretty big question. here, however.

The Pixel 5a is only available in two countries: the United States and Japan (where it costs 51,700 Japanese yen). Although not the highest rating, it represents a safe submersion depth of 1m for a period of time (typically 30 minutes).

All of this means that you don’t have to worry about the Google Pixel 5a falling into a puddle. It also means you don’t have to worry about lint in your pocket or sand from the beach getting into your phone.

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An IP67 rating is only a level below the gold standard for flagship smartphones, namely IP68. For its price, the Google Pixel 5 delivers that rating and is much more expensive. For the price of the Pixel 5a, any kind of IP rating is unusual but welcome.

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