How to Downgrade iOS 16.1 Beta to iOS 16.0.2

Downgrade iOS 16.1 to iOS 16

Are you trying to downgrade iOS 16.1 beta to iOS 16.0.2? Recently updated the beta to fix iOS 16.0 day one bugs, but Apple fixed them in iOS 16.0.2 and want to go back to public releases?

How to Downgrade iOS 16.1 to iOS 16.0.2

downgrade iOS 16.1 beta to iOS 16

Make sure you have a full iPhone backup before proceeding:

  • 1. On iPhone, choose Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My and switch off find my iphone.
  • 2. Delete the iOS 16 configuration profile in Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management.
  • 3. On the computer, Download iOS 16.0.2 ipsw file for your iPhone model. This is available on! (Direct link)
  • 4. Connect iPhone to Mac or a Windows computer using the USB to Lightning cable that came with your device.
  • Point: Unlock your iPhone and trust the computer if asked.

  • 5. Open Finder (Mac), respectively iTunes (Windows). The software should confirm that the iPhone is already in recovery mode.
  • 6. Hurry alt key (Option) + click Restore iPhone on Mac. (Gap key + restore iphone under Windows).
  • seven. Select the recently iOS 16.0.2 ipsw file downloaded and click Open. Confirm your selection.
  • Important: The Finder may show Restore and update and automatically start downloading the latest iOS software available. Undo this by unplugging the iPhone and plugging it back in. Only Restore should appear now!

    Point: iPhone downgrade from iOS 16.1 to iOS 16.0.2 should begin. Be patient until it is completed. Use the Restore from this backup possibility of recovering your data. Otherwise, you need to set up your iPhone as a new device!

Did you successfully downgrade iOS 16.1 beta to iOS 16.0.2? Do you have questions or do you need help? Use the comments section.

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