How to Enable Magisk Fingerprint Authentication for Superuser Requests

Magisk Superuser request
Until now, you have given access to the superuser request simply by pressing the 'Grant' button. But there is also a safer way to do it. You can also authenticate the Magisk root user request by using the fingerprint capabilities of the device. Let's see how we can use Magisk fingerprint authentication for granting permissions for superuser requests on Android devices.

Having a rooted apparatus opens the door to a plethora of new opportunities. You can now edit the system files on your device as desired. From the installation of various Magisk modules and frameworks to the theming of your device via the Substratum theme engine, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, the risks associated with it are also alarming.

If a hacker accesses your device, it can not only damage your system files, but also access your personal data. It gets even more scary if your device is rooted. Indeed, in such cases, hackers could easily gain unlimited access to your system files and perform the malicious activity desired there. But fortunately, there is a workaround for that.

You can now use the fingerprint authentication feature of the Magisk application to approve or revoke superuser access from any application. It uses the same system-level API that your device uses for fingerprinting purposes. It is not necessary to download a standalone third-party application for this. So, the next time you receive a superuser request, rather than pressing the Grant button, you will need to authenticate using your fingerprint. This further strengthens your device from a security point of view.

Now let's see how to authenticate Magisk's superuser request using your device's fingerprint.

Enable Magisk fingerprint authentication for superuser

As already mentioned, this will only work if you have rooted your device with Magisk. If you got root access using one of the root methods in one click or even via SuperSU, this feature will not work for you. Also make sure that the fingerprint is already added to your device. If this is not the case, do it by going to settings > security & location > Digital print > Add a fingerprint.

That said, follow the detailed instructions to enable Magisk fingerprint authentication for root requests using your device's fingerprint scanner.

  1. Open the Magisk Manager application on your device.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines at the top left).
  3. Access the settings section.
  4. Then scroll down until you find the Enable fingerprint authentication option.Magisk Digital Fingerprint Authentication
  5. Switch to the switch.
  6. Now, Magisk will ask to authenticate your fingerprint once.

That's all. Your biometrics has been successfully configured under the Magisk application. From now on, whenever a new superuser request is received, it will prompt you for fingerprint authentication rather than the usual Grant or Deny options. In addition, do not forget to change the automatic response to a prompt. By default, it is set to Grant. To change it, go to settings > Superuser section> auto reply > select the Quick option.Magisk Digital Fingerprint Authentication Prompt

So, now that you can control all superuser requests with the help of your fingerprint, the device has become even safer and secure. With this, we conclude our guide on how to authenticate the Magisk superuser request via the device fingerprint. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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