How to use Windows Sandbox and VMWare or VirtualBox together

use Windows Sandbox and VMWare or VirtualBox

The Windows sandbox uses the Hyper-V feature to run on a Windows 10 computer. But when this option is enabled, no third-party virtualization software can be run. This includes software such as VMWare, VirtualBox, and so on. But this limitation can be overcome by using a workaround. This can be useful for those who have upgraded to Windows 10 primarily with Windows Sandbox, but who use virtual machines on their computers for some work.

Use Windows Sandbox and virtual machines together

We will discuss two main aspects of this guide. They are as follows:

  1. Enable the simultaneous use of Windows Sandbox and virtual machines.
  2. Disable the use of the Windows Sandbox and virtual machines together.

1) Enable Simultaneous Use of Windows Sandbox and Virtual Machines

Open the Windows 10 command prompt command line with administrator-level rights.

Type the following command:

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 10 – No Hyper-V”

This command will create a new boot entry that will be the exact replica of your active boot entry, but will be without Hyper-V.

You have to be careful when you change the Startup Configuration Data (BCD) from a computer. Indeed, even the slightest configuration error in these BCD entries can prevent your computer from starting.

You will now get a GUID.

Make sure to copy and save it safely.

Copy this GUID and run the following command in the command line of the command prompt:

bcdedit /set {} hypervisorlaunchtype off

Once the commands are executed, simply restart your computer.

You will enter the Windows Startup Manager.

Select the Windows 10 – No Hyper-V input to start in Windows 10.

2) Disable Simultaneous Use of Windows Sandbox and Virtual Machines

Type msconfig in the Start search box and select System configuration

Navigate the start-up tongue

MSConfig Delete Boot Entry

Delete the entry for the Windows 10 without Hyper-V from the list that fills

Select Apply, and select OK.

Restart your computer and the entry should now disappear.

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