How to Use Work-Life Balance Mode on OnePlus Devices

work-life balance oxygen os
OnePlus has grown from a brand of enthusiasts exclusively online to a serious competitor. As a result, the prices of his devices have also increased significantly. The OnePlus 7T is now almost as expensive as the cheapest iPhone 11. OnePlus also tries a lot in India after becoming the most popular premium brand in the country, and the launch of OnePlus Care was one of them. Perhaps as a thank you and in order to maintain this position, OnePlus announced a series of features specific to India as early as September. OxygenOS Open Beta 3 brings one of these advertised features. The new feature is called WorkLife Balance.

Work-life balance

Do you remember the feature of old Nokia phones? These profiles mainly concerned ringtones, the volume of multimedia files, vibrations, etc. They allowed users to predefine certain parameters in a profile and to modify them easily by simply modifying the current profile. On Android smartphones, you can even add a brand new user, with a different set of apps, sound profiles, themes, wallpapers, and more. different. The number of settings that can be configured for these two accounts to use and sync to separate Google Accounts.

It would not be surprising if at least two people in the world use two or three accounts on the same Android device. It can help you use the same phone differently, with different applications and configurations, at work, at home or elsewhere. However, setting up two or three users requires a ton of internal space. Switching between the two is also not the most fluid experience. Most people also do not need such a radical change between home and office.

The new OnePlus work-life balance feature takes a more simplistic approach in this regard. In case we have not been clear before, work-life balance is a specific characteristic of India. It is not surprising that OnePlus decides to bring it to other regions as well, but that depends on the quality of its reception in India. Instead of separate user accounts, work-life balance allows you to disable notifications from certain applications, which is automatic if you wish. You can configure it to be changed depending on the connected Wi-Fi network, your location, or a certain time.

For example, when you are at work and you are not the type of person to browse Facebook at work, you can set this application or any other disabled social networking application in your Work profile.

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Configure both modes

This feature is only available in OxygenOS Beta 3 for OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7. It is expected to soon make its way to stable versions of OxygenOS for devices. Later this will also affect older OnePlus devices. If you have the update, you will see a new icon just before the settings icons of the Quick Toggle Panel / Settings.

Tap on it and if it's the first time you do it, you will be redirected to a page where you can configure the Work and Life modes. Press on In work mode or Way of life and you will see a list of all your installed applications. Select all the apps you want to disable for the selected mode and press NEXT.

Configure work-life modes

On the next page, you can also select one of the available automatic switching methods. As mentioned earlier, you can set an on / off time for the selected mode. You can also enable it when connected to a specific Wi-Fi network or in certain locations. When finished, you can go back and configure the other mode in the same way.

Manage work-life balance on OxygenOS

Once you have set both modes, you can forget them. If you have not set up automatic methods to activate them, you can still do it manually. Lower the notification shadow and tap the same Yin and Yang icon on the fast failover panel. This time, it will open to show three options instead. You can select the work mode, the lifestyle or neither. If you want to reconfigure some elements, you can also do it. Slide your finger on the panel to expand it and press SETTINGS.

Manage work-life balance

This will take you to the Work-Life Balance Settings page. Here you can reconfigure both modes and also see the time you spend in both modes. This can help you create a better balance between the two. This page is also accessible from Settings > Utilities > Work-life balance.

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