OnePlus 7 Pro: Android Q Beta 5 Review

Android Q OnePlus 7 Pro Customization

OnePlus has released a new developer preview for Android Q for its latest smartphones, namely OnePlus 6, 6T, 7 and 7 Pro. Although based on Android Q beta 5, this is only the third version of OnePlus, so it's the Developer Preview 3 for OnePlus devices. This new update brings the new Android Q gesture navigation that was missing in previous versions and some new modifications specific to Oxygen OS.

Android Q Beta 5 on OnePlus 7 Pro

The update Android Q Beta 5 fixes a number of bugs, the most important, related to WiFi and mobile radio. In this new beta, almost everything works. Currently, there are problems with the displayed fingerprint icon that does not appear on the OnePlus 6T on the ambient display screen. On OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7, unlocking the face does not work exactly as expected. Neither one nor the other of these bugs affects the OnePlus 6, which enjoys the most stable of Android Q beta 5 applications among these devices.

There are still problems in the performance department, though. Not that something is falling behind, it would be a shame if he took into account the material. There are some fears here and there in the animations, but not everyone feels them. There are also stability issues. I also could not use SMS for any reason on my OnePlus 7 Pro. There was no way to set an email application as the default app and nothing worked without it.

Android gesture navigation Q

Last year, when Google introduced its own version of gesture navigation, I was intrigued. It was different even though it lacked a clear intention with a mix of buttons and gestures. I concluded that the gesture navigation was bad because Google did not know if he wanted gestures or buttons. Another reason was that the animations were not so fluid. They had an elasticity that was not as good as the fluidity of the iPhone. Android Q beta 5 on OnePlus 7 Pro

This year, Google simply copied the gesture navigation of the iPhone. For the most part, it works well until you want to go back. This is where the problems creep in because there is no previous button. Dragging left or right on the motion bar toggles between applications. Performing a scan of the corners opens the Google Assistant because it is clearly more important to google than to browse.

Instead, you must now drag from the left edge of the screen. It is also here that you slide into applications to bring up the side menu drawer. This has now been changed to type, hold, and then slide. Basically, a form of gesture that you have never used because it is too confusing. Dragging from the left edge to go back is not so convenient. Especially with a phone as big as the OnePlus 7 Pro and more if you use your right hand like most people.

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Google invented a problem that did not exist. All they had to do, was to smooth out the animations from the previous implementation and remove the back button in favor of a swipe right. Two changes and that would have been perfect, but instead, things have deteriorated.

One more thing…

There is a small problem: instead of being superimposed, like the taskbar of the iPhone, it is still the navigation bar, but it is only very thin. So when you open something like Chrome, which is mostly white but does not change the color of the navigation bar to white, you end up with that little black bar at the bottom that looks really weird with the rounded corners of the bar. ;screen.

Android Features Q Beta 5 Oxygen OS

Android Q includes some customization options such as color accents. Well, Oxygen OS is not often described as the best version of Android (even better than the Android stock) for no reason.


Android Customization Q OnePlus 7 Pro

With the new Android update Q beta 5, OnePlus brings the game to a whole new level. Parameters include a personalization section. Some customization features, such as fingerprint animation, backgrounds, etc., have been moved to this new section.

In addition, you can now find the ability to change the color of outline notification lights, as well as the shapes of system icons that affect quick settings and icons throughout the system. However, this does not affect application icons. This can always be changed with an icon pack as before.

Play area

Game Space is an evolution of the game mode with an updated user interface, more intuitive and more aesthetic. There is a new graphical optimization setting that claims to enhance details in highlight areas and shadow areas of games. This might be useful for a game like PUBG, but I do not see much use on other mobile games. Apart from that, there are no new features here.

Smart display

OnePlus users have long been demanding an active display, but it seems that OnePlus does not want to give it for now. Although the update Android Q beta 5 brings a smart display feature, go into the ambient display settings. This allows the Ambient screen to display additional information such as music being played, weather information, calendar events, etc., at the bottom.

High resolution screen recording

Android Q has a screen recording function, but once again, OnePlus is ahead of the curve. They had already brought the screen recording function to Oxygen OS with OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. In Android Q Beta 5, they now allow you to increase the resolution up to 4K (3840 × 2160), set the bit rate up to 24Mbps, and even record at 60fps.

Install Android Q Beta 5

If you want to try it yourself, you can find the installation instructions by following the link below.

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