15 Best Material Design Apps for Android

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Google's introduction of its hardware design language with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop has been a major springboard for Android in general. It has since been at the heart of the Android user interface. The instructions for designing the materials have helped Android application developers to create great apps that are part of the Android operating system itself. A few years in advance, we now have a large number of material design applications on the Play Store.

To help you find the best material design apps on Android, we've covered dozens and dozens of materials design apps and only selected 15 of the best. Before you start, you may also want to know the winners of the 2020 Material Design Awards. We excluded the winners from this list to help us propose some other high quality hardware design applications.

Here are our best choices for the best hardware design apps available for Android devices for now in 2020.


The Lyft Phone Link service offers the best hardware design for Android apps for its category and goals. The minimal user interface and pleasant to look at is an excellent user experience. It has some colorful accents while perfectly exploiting the 'white spaces' that are the key to a good design. Lyft's services are also excellent. We therefore recommend that you consult the application if the design and ease of use are important to you.

Robin Hood

Robinhood Material Design Application

For investment applications, only two other applications can match Robinhood's superb hardware design interface. The stock trading application gives you an overview of the price and performance of the shares, as well as additional information. Unlike other applications in its class, Robinhood manages to provide all this information in a minimal but functional user interface. He uses some key material design guidelines that set him apart.

Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses

Android subscriptions

This simple but functional material theme app offers a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface. The application allows you to keep all your monthly subscriptions in one place. Given the number of subscription services available, we tend to subscribe to several services without knowing the total monthly payment for all services. Fortunately, this subscription tracking app does exactly what it's meant for, which is to keep track of our subscription.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher Hardware Design

Action Launcher is one of the home screen screen managers inspired by the most customizable Pixel launchers currently available. The launcher is strongly inspired by Google's hardware design language, which is observed throughout the launcher. Hardware design applications often sacrifice features and options to maintain the minimal user interface. However, Action Launcher comes with just about every feature you might need from a home screen launcher for Android.

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Journey: Journal, motivation journal

Android Journey app

If you are looking for newspaper or newspaper applications that use Google's themed guides, you should check the Journey: Journal app. It comes with a host of features such as the ability to format text, add images, sync with Google Drive and even sync with your calendar. The theme of the material is present in every corner of the application and you will have a pleasant experience to use.

Can go

Canva Material Design Application

Canva is one of the best Android apps for designing posters, flyers, presentations and more. The application uses Google's material design language in a neat and elegant way. Canva offers more than 60,000 models from which users can learn or simply use the models for their own purposes. It even has templates for Instagram Stories and posts, so you can use them to increase your impact on Instagram.

Textra SMS

Screenshots of the application Textra

Textra is often given the title of best email alternative for Android. The text-themed email application has several useful features for users. Textra is also compatible with services such as Pushbullet and can be synced with your Android Wear devices. The application has also been one of the first text messaging applications to adopt a dark mode and users can choose from several different accent colors.

Nuance of material notification

Nuance of material notification

Hardware design applications come in all shapes and sizes, with different functions. This awesome app covers a tint of pixel-type material design notification on your device. It is perfect for those who have a smartphone with a very personalized OEM skin. You can use the notification shadow as you would with the default notification panel of your device.

B & H Photo

B & H Photo Equipment UI

This is an application that follows almost all the material design guidelines defined by Google. The application allows users to purchase photo and video material that is not readily available in the market. B & H Photo has an extensive catalog of products from which users can choose. The application is colorful, however, its flat design makes it nice for the eyes. One thing to note is that the app follows most of the material design guidelines of Google's original hardware design guidelines.

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Hardware design of the Pushbullet application

Pushbullet is an excellent utility that allows you to send files and links between your devices seamlessly. The application adopts a sleek aesthetic and fits in the design guidelines of materials. You can even send and receive text directly to your PC when you pair it with your smartphone. It also synchronizes notifications from your smartphone to the PC and you can subscribe to "Channels" according to your preferences to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

Phonograph music player

Phonograph application with material design

The Phonograph Music Player app is associated with a clean material design theme. As its name suggests, this is a music player application that would allow you to play audio files on your smartphone without the need for an active internet connection. The application also includes last.fm, however, you must be connected to the internet to use this feature. Users can even change the main color of the application according to their preferences.


Screenshots of the LastFM application

Last.fm allows users to broadcast their favorite songs to multiple providers. The application supports several streaming music services, including the most popular ones such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and so on. If you're tired of having to switch between streaming music applications to listen to your favorite songs, we suggest you give Last.fm there is good because it's one of the best hardware design applications in its class.


Hardware design of Nextdo application

If you're looking for a great to-do list application for hardware themes, you might want to take a look at Nextdo. The application has been designed keeping in mind some key material design elements. This gives us an incredibly simple and functional user interface. It looks like a modern hardware design application designed by Google. Nextdo lets you manage your tasks, organize your calendar, add reminders and more.

Sync for Reddit

Sync for reddit material theme

Sync for Reddit is an excellent third-party application for browsing Reddit. What sets it apart from most other third-party Reddit apps is its hardware design theme. The application comes with many customization options and even a dark AMOLED dedicated mode. You can also opt for the pro version of the app to get rid of all ads. Sync for Reddit also receives weekly updates to add features or fix bugs.

Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Houzz app

Most shopping apps come with a cumbersome user interface and too many buttons, tabs and sliders so users can wrap their heads. Houzz is not one of these applications. It probably has the best user interface among all other materials design applications in its class. Simple, material-inspired design facilitates navigation in the application. Houzz offers more than 10 million products to meet the needs of your home.

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