StreamWriter allows you to record content from internet radio stations

StreamWriter allows you to record content from internet radio stations

We live in a time when we no longer need to listen to the radio in the traditional way. All this can be done via the Internet, which is quite impressive. But what if some of us want to record the content of a particular radio station, how can this be done via the web?

You see, in the old days, you could record music or anything else on the radio using a tape. But with the rise of the digital age, no one wants to go through such problems. With that in mind, we decided to look at a tool called streamWriter. With this program, users can easily register an Internet radio. All files will be saved on the hard drive and from there, files can be uploaded to the cloud or transferred to physical media. Now we do not know how many people will use this tool, but for those who will, Streamwriter is great for what it is.

Internet radio recording with StreamWriter

Listening to internet radio is fine, but being able to download a complete program is even better. SteamWriter allows you to easily record Internet radio. You can:

  1. Broadcast your favorite radio station
  2. Recording of radio stations
  3. Automatically save a specific song
  4. Settings.

Let's look at this in a detailed perspective.

1) Broadcast your favorite radio station

OK, all the stations are in the right part of the program. Find the one you want, right-click it, and select Play feed before anything else. This ensures that you are satisfied with what the station offers.

Another way to search for stations is to click on the tab that says Title Search, and from there, type the name of the station in the search field. Do not forget that there are more than 9,000 available stations. So we hope you find something quite suitable.

After confirming that the station is pretty good, it is now time to save the content for future references.

2) Recording of radio stations

To record the contents of radio stations, it is advisable to click on the station again and select Start Recording. Or, how about simply double-clicking on the station to begin the process immediately.

As you may know, it is not long at all for things to move. The download speed will probably depend on the speed of your Internet connection rather than anything else. In the current state of things, once you have a stable Internet connection, you will not encounter any problems.

3) Automatically save a specific song

To do this, you will need to add the title of a song to your wish list. Go to the Title Search tab, and from there you should see the song ready to be downloaded automatically. In fact, you should see a variety of songs, and we can say for sure that they all work.

4) parameters

The last section is the Settings area. It's quite powerful and full of options, so take your time to browse it. Users can configure the automatic launch of StreamWriter after a cold boot, align the main window on the edge of the screen and even stop the recording when the disk space reaches a set value.

From what we have seen, there are six add-ons that the user can activate if necessary. If you are the type of person who prefers to use keyboard shortcuts, no problem, this can also be done.

Overall, we like what StreamWriter brings to the table. This tool is therefore essential for those who like to listen to Internet radio. Download StreamWriter from official site.

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