Top 7 Ways to Fix Unable to Update Your Fire TV Stick

Top 7 Ways to Fix Unable to Update Your Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a godsend for those who live with slightly older TVs. You can just plug the little stick into your TV’s HDMI slot and turn your average TV into a smart TV. It’s profitable. Setup is easy and works as advertised with all major video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and more. The best part about the Fire TV Stick is that Amazon regularly adds new features like Live TV support through software updates. If you’re having trouble updating the Fire TV Stick, we’ll help you with helpful solutions in this article.

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Unable to update Fire TV

You can use your Fire TV Stick because the download process is running in the background. Amazon automatically installs the latest patch when you start the Fire TV Stick. But there may be times when you have trouble updating your Fire TV Stick successfully.

There are several reasons behind the behavior. It can be lack of bandwidth, insufficient storage, server side issues, etc. We will go through all the troubleshooting options to resolve the issue in this article.

1. Repair the Internet connection

Streaming services already consume most of the Internet’s bandwidth. If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, you will experience constant update issues, leading to installation issue. You will therefore need to test the consistency of your Internet connection using Internet speed test tools. If internet connection is not the issue, let’s move on to the next solution.

Repair internet connection

2. Restart Fire TV Stick

There may be a minor issue on the streaming device. And just like other Fire TV Stick issues, restarting it can help restore it to normal.

Go to Settings> My Fire TV> Restart and select it to restart your Fire TV Stick.

Restart the Fire TV stick

You can also easily restart your Fire TV Stick using the remote. Simultaneously hold down the Select button (the middle round button) and the Play / Pause button for about 5 seconds.

If your remote is faulty or not working, you can also unplug the Fire TV Stick from its power source and plug it back in. After the restart is successful, play video content on your Fire TV Stick apps and check if the update issue is resolved or not.

Restart with the remote control

3. Bottom storage of the device

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K comes with 8GB of built-in storage, a fraction of which is already consumed by apps and some reserved for the operating system. It’s not exactly a storage powerhouse and it can be relatively easy to fill the space. If you are running out of storage on the Fire TV Stick, it can cause update issues. You can free up storage space by uninstalling irrelevant apps from the device.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn on the Fire TV stick.

2nd step: Select Settings from the top menu (you may need to scroll right to access this option).

Go to applications

Step 3: In Settings, press the Down button on the remote, then scroll down and select Apps.

Step 4: From the Applications menu, select Manage installed applications. When you select this item, you will be able to see how much internal storage space you have used and how much you have available.

Step 5: Select Manage installed applications.

Manage applications

Step 6: Scroll through the list of apps installed on your device to find the one you want to uninstall.

Step 7: Select the irrelevant application, then select Uninstall from the next menu.

Uninstall apps

Step 8: Fire TV Stick will ask you to confirm the decision. Click Uninstall and the app will be removed from your device.

4. Fire TV Stick overheating

Your Fire TV Stick is continuously connected to the charger and streams videos whenever the TV is turned on. If you live in an area where the average temperature is higher and the climate is hot, it could overheat the diffusion stick. In such cases, you may experience update issues and issues while generally browsing Fire OS.

You need to unplug the Fire TV Stick and let it cool down.

5. Use VPN

If the advertised update is not available in your region, you can try this trick. A good VPN will not only prevent your ISP from slowing down the speed, but will help in several ways such as protecting personal information from hackers, unlocking other regional apps like Hulu, HBO, etc.

VPN Fire TV Stick

6. Wait for Amazon servers

The black screen issue on your Fire TV Stick could be caused by issues with Amazon servers. No matter what trick you try, you won’t be able to work around the update issue. In such cases, you have no choice but to wait for the Amazon servers to function normally. Well, you’ll have to wait a day or two for this to happen and try again.

7. Unplug the Fire TV stick

You can unplug your Fire TV Stick and wait a few minutes. Reconnect the device to the TV using the original accessories and try updating the Fire TV Stick again. You can also restart your Wi-Fi router to make sure even that helps.

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Keep Fire TV Stick up to date

Follow the steps above and make sure your Fire TV Stick stays up to date. When I encountered the same issue, I simply uninstalled the apps from the Fire TV Stick and freed up some storage. The update process went seamlessly after that. Which trick worked for you? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Last updated on Nov 21, 2020

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