USB port remains active even after using Safely remove hardware

USB port remains active even after using Safely remove hardware

To avoid any unlikely incident such as data loss, Windows 10/8/7 invites you to: Safely remove the material like external hard drives and USB drives. Even after that, if the USB port remains active for removed hardware safely and continues to receive USB packets and consume the power corresponding to an active device state, then you must change a registry value.

The USB port remains active even after you safely remove the device

When a USB device isdisabledIn Device Manager or Safely Removed Using the System Tray Icon, a Device Removal Request (PnP IRP IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE) is issued by the system for perform a "Gentle removal'From the USB device. As a result of this action, the USB device is only marked as "Deleted for Plug and Play". However, the device has not yet been physically disconnected.

Note that the method requires that you make changes to the Registry Editor. Before modifying the registry, export the registry keys you plan to modify or save the entire registry. If a problem occurs, you can restore the registry to its previous state.

Press Win + R at the same time to open the 'Run' dialog box. Type & #39;regedit.exe'And press' Enter'.

When the Registry Editor opens, go to the following path address:


After navigating to the path address listed above, create a new key 'HUBG& #39; under & #39;USBHUB"

To do this, right-click on & #39;USBHUB'Folder, choose' New 'and select' Key 'option. Name the key as follows:HUBG"

Now click on 'hubg' and switch to the right pane. There, right-click in the space and choose "New".

Then select 'DWORD value (32 bits)'. Name the key as follows:DisableOnSoftRemove"

When finished, double-click on 'DisableOnSoftRemoveAnd choose "Hexadecimal"

Replace the value data with '1And click on the buttonD & #39; agreement& #39; button.

Quit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

You have correctly configured your computer to disable the USB port when you have USB hardware removed safely in Windows 10.

POINT: See this article if the device safely does not work on Windows 10.

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