10 Best Customization Apps for Android

10 Best Customization Apps for Android
Android is known for its customization capabilities. Each element of an Android device can be modified or modified for the heart's content. You can take an Android phone and turn it into a totally unique device if you know which apps to use. If you're having trouble getting started, our list of the best customization apps for Android will put you on the right track.

Launcher: Nova Launcher

A launcher is the first thing you interact with after you unlock your phone. It allows you to organize your apps and widgets, create a great home screen and add animations and transitions.

Finding a perfect launcher app is the first step to getting started with Android customization. And, from the point of view of customizations, there is no better pitcher than Nova Launcher; but only if you opt for the premium version.

With essential customization features such as desktop and dock padding, icon support, theme options, grid size, icon size, text size and more again, choosing Nova Launcher for your customization needs is a no-brainer.

Alternative recommendations: Action Launcher & Lawnchair V2

Nova is not the only launcher on the market. I am not as much in personalization as last year. I've been using Lawnchair V2 for a few months because it replicates stock market experience better than any other third party launcher.

Action Launcher is just as good as Nova or Lawnchair because it allows you to access applications as quickly as possible while providing a stock market experience, but without compromising functionality.

The third-party launchers mentioned above are some of the best customization apps for Android. Choose whoever and you are ready to go.

Icon Packs: Minty Icon Pack

Minty icon pack android

Icons packs are not lacking in the Google Play Store. The mint icons pack is my current favorite. It's a set of material icons with bright, fresh colors. The interesting thing is that he already has more than 3500 icons and the developer continues to add more than 30 new icons each week.

Other recommendations: Borealis Icon Pack & Pixel Icon Pack

Unlike Minty, Borealis and Pixel contain icons of a homogeneous nature. Borealis consists of more than 14,000 square shaped icons with rounded edges and similar colors. The Pixel Icon is a set of round icons that try to emulate the iconography of Google Pixels.

All icon packs mentioned in this section are frequently updated; choose whoever and start.

Wallpapers: Wallhub

Wallhub android wallpaper application

Changing the bottom of the screen is the best way to refresh your device. In my opinion, Wallhub is the best wallpaper app for Android at the moment.

Wallhub has more than 2000 high quality backgrounds in 2K resolution. Each screen background of the application is designed by the developer and he adds a bunch of new wallpapers almost daily.

Alternative recommendations: backdrop, abstruct and amoled walls

Backdrops is an extremely popular wallpaper application in which the developer and users download and share wallpapers. It has hundreds of wallpaper and new ones are added frequently. If you opt for the premium version, you can unlock many collections of wallpapers.

Abstruct is a wallpapers pack with more than 100 quality 4K wallpapers. All the wallpapers come from Hampus Olsson, the creator of all OnePlus wallpapers. The application offers a variety of backgrounds, including OnePlus wallpapers, Android Paranoid screen funds and much more.

Amoled Walls is another application that is worth seeing. It comes from the creator of Wallhub and focuses on creating black wallpapers for Amoled screens.

The amount of high quality wallpapers you get in these free apps is simply amazing. That's what makes it the best customization apps for Android for wallpapers.

Live Wallpaper: Material Islands

Ilot material live wallpaper app

Animated wallpapers add extra breath to your phone and take your customization to an extra level.

A good animated background does not slow down your phone by consuming a lot of processing power and does not negatively affect the battery. Material Islands is exactly like that. There are several animated wallpapers that change automatically according to the time of day. It's minimal and the color is beautiful on the home screen.

Alternative recommendations: Forest Live wallpapers and connected points

Forest is a well-known wallpaper that emulates a forest on your screen. With moving trees and weather conditions, it manages to bring a sense of calm on the screen of your smartphone. Features like local weather, parallax effect and many customization options make it one of the best live wallpapers for android.

Connected dots also provide a minimal live wallpaper with many moving dots on the screen. Two points, when they are close, connect to form a digital network. The application is designed so that two points never touch each other. With customization features such as background modification, point count, touch point resistance, custom speed, and more, this live wallpaper is definitely worth it.

Widgets: KWGT Kustom Widget Maker


If you like customization, you know about KWGT and widget packs. It's the most detailed and customizable widget maker in the Google Play Store. Over the years, he has received ongoing support from developers and the community. It contains more than 100 third-party widget packs featuring predefined, beautiful and functional widgets, which you can apply on your home screen with one click. It's definitely one of the best Android customization apps to try.

Widget Packs: Wow! KWGT

KWGT widget pack android

To fully use the KWGT widget, you will need a widget pack. For the moment, Wow! KWGT by ppick CH. is one of the best packs you can buy. The pack contains many widgets using different colors, gradients and whimsical styles. The developer has the reputation of regularly updating all its widget packs.

The purchase of premium KWGT is necessary before using Wow or any other pack of KWGT widgets.

Keyboard: Gboard

Android Gboard app

Gboard, from Google, is the standard keyboard of many smartphones; maybe even in yours. If now, you can still download it from the game store. So what makes it the best keyboard application? Simplicity.

Gboard has everything – speed, customization, keystrokes, gesture controls, etc. In addition, it incorporates multiple Google qualities. like – Google search, translator, etc.

Alternative recommendation: Fleksy

I absolutely adore Fleksy. I have never been a fan of sliding on the keyboard; normal typing is what I prefer. And Fleksy describes the smartphone typing experience. The predictive text engine, themes, stickers and gestures are what makes it better than any other keyboards.

Smart Apps: Sesame shortcut and gesture control in full screen

Sesame application shortcut Android

Sesame Shortcut is a well-known universal search application that works as an extension for third party launchers, namely – Nova & Lawnchair. It adds hundreds of new and powerful shortcuts to the search bar, and integrates APIs with some of the most popular applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Calendar, Maps, Slack, Reddit, etc.

All that is good; but how functional is sesame? Very. Some great shortcuts include instant calls, SMS or email to contacts, multiple Google shortcuts, and searching the Internet directly from the search bar. If hundreds of predefined shortcuts are not enough, you can create your own.

Full-Screen Gesture Control is another smart application that you absolutely must use. especially if the hardware keys of your phone are broken, like mine. You can assign multiple functions to different gestures. I have been using this app on my phone for over a year and works wonderfully.

Substrate Themes: Dark Dark

Swift dark theme for substrate

If you like Android customization, you already know how powerful the Substratum application is. It allows you to change the user interface of your phone at the system level. since you have root access.

There are dozens of amazing Substratum themes in the Play Store. My favorite is Swift Dark. Why? Because the dark themes are great; in addition, regular updates. Thanks to the last two years of development, Swift Dark supports more than 200 applications. It's huge.

Alternative recommendations: Flux White & Nineteen

Not a fan of dark themes? So Flux White & Nineteen are the best alternatives. While Flux offers light-colored themes for your applications, Nineteen provides a transparent and degraded effect. Both of these apps pay off, but are well worth the price if you want to customize your Android phone.

Automation Applications: IFTTT

IFTTT android app

With over 600 built-in apps and hundreds of shortcuts, If This Than That is the best automation tool on Android. With IFTTT, you can perform all the interesting tasks: receive notifications from your favorite publishers, automate home security, periodically back up important files such as photos and contacts, control the thermostat and much more. Basically, you can link a custom event to an action as soon as it happens. Many creative uses if you know what you are doing.


Here; our recommendation for the 10 best Android customization apps. We have covered almost every category related to customizing your Android – launchers, themes, icons, wallpapers and more. All of the applications mentioned above are liked and used by millions of Android users every day. Do you already use an application that we mentioned above? What other apps do you use daily to improve your personalization game? Tell us in the comments below.

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