5 Best Endless Running Games for Android

5 Best Endless Running Games for Android

Mobile games are generally not taken as seriously as on consoles or PCs. However, the platform has certainly brought new possibilities. Something like Pokemon Go would not really be possible with a PC or a console, for example. Then there is the category of endless racing games that are so popular on Android and other mobile platforms. They are fun and your goal is to beat your own score so there is always room for improvement. Here are the 5 best endless runner games for Android.

5 best endless racing games for Android

Temple Run 2

Of course, Temple Run had to be included here. He may not have been the first to play the endless runner game, but he has certainly contributed to the increase in his popularity. The original Temple Run was a game that people wanted to have on their phone because it was fashionable. It was fashionable because it was very entertaining. That's why the developers decided to launch Temple Run 2.

He improves his predecessor in many ways. The sequel has better graphics, unique gameplay, new obstacles and bonuses, different characters and advanced path variants. The principle of the game is always the same: you control an explorer who steals an ancient artifact and you must escape from the evil demon monkeys who are chasing you.

Temple Run 2 was launched until 2013, so yes, it is old. But that's what almost all the best endless runner games for Android have been designed, so it definitely keeps its quotient fun. In addition, the game always receives regular updates. If you like Temple Run, you will surely love another endless running game called Two Roads.

Subway surfer

If you have never played or liked Temple Run, you have probably already played or loved Subway Surfer. Although it's never as much a part of pop culture as Temple Run, it still has its place in the realm of the best endless runner games. Subway Surfer has inspired many game developers and you will find many scams on the Play Store. Everyone wants to enjoy the popularity of the game after all.

The principle is simple, in that you must avoid obstacles, collect coins and power, and run as long as you can. You play a young delinquent who gets caught painting on a train. Of course, you must flee a policeman and his dog. You cross an endless train station, above trains, on platforms and in the air. And sometimes, a jetpack is involved.

The game also features several characters to play, as well as several locations. As in Temple Run, there are no sharp turns, but you will find that the game creates more damage along the way. Although the size of these games is 81 MB, there are interesting Android Zero MB games, you should also check.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is also a very popular endless runner game although you spend most of your time flying with your jetpack instead of running. It takes a different approach to gender. It pays tribute to 16-bit games and is a 2D side-scrolling runner unlike those above. The game is developed by the same people who brought us another popular game called Fruit Ninja.

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The scenario here is a little unusual. You play Barry Steakfries who is a troubled seller. He stumbles upon a laboratory where they test jetpacks. As it would come naturally to a seller, he decides to steal it. Now the goal of the game is to escape the lab. But it's an endless runner, so obviously you'll never escape.

Instead of sliding, you simply have to press or press and hold. As long as your finger is on the screen, the jetpack will be active. It's a bit like a flat bird, but it precedes a flat bird. The game is out all the way is 2011.

The Alto Odyssey

Best Endless Racing Games: The Alto Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is a follow-up to critically acclaimed Alto's Adventure, but you do not need to have played one to enjoy the other. In fact, if you have never played the original, you should not even worry, because Alto's Odyssey is much better. This is another 2D endless scrolling runner game for Android. However, there is no race to go, technically since you are skiing.

In one way or another, you manage to do it on hot summer days on sand and rocks instead of snow like in the original game. You ski on a slope and do jumps and wall slides, while collecting coins, realizing goals and seeing where you can go before you fall. As you progress through this level, you will encounter hot air balloons, waterfalls, temples and more. The good part is that many of these elements are interactive and not just there for the pleasure of being there.

Odyssey also includes the Zen mode that was added to the previous game at the public's request. Basically, it just allows you to play without score or death, so you can play without any distractions.

Edge blades

Best Runner Game: Blades of Brim

Probably the least popular game on this list, Blades of Brim was created by SYBO Games, co-creators of Subway Surfers, shortly after the success of Subway Surfers. Another endless racing game from the same people can make you think it's the same thing. But do not worry, SYBO Games has made a lot of improvements so that the game does not become a real scam.

You play as a young knight carrying a great sword, to fight various monsters, break vases and collect coins while traveling through an endless realm. You interact with the game environment instead of avoiding it. For example, you can slide down to attack the monsters in front of you and drag up and side to attack the morons on your left or right.

Unlike other endless runner games, you will not die because you got caught because of a stupid mistake. You are not pursued here after all. Instead, you lose some of your three hearts if you miss a monster.

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