Ashampoo Audio Recorder is a free Audio Recorder for Windows PC

Ashampoo Audio Recorder for Windows 10

If you're a musician, podcaster or sound engineer looking for free audio recording software, you're in the right place. In this post, we will learn more about Ashampoo Audio Recorder, free audio recording software and very simple. This is not a feature-rich software but brings you the basic requirements like one-click audio recording, easy access to recorded files and trimming audio files.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder for Windows 10

Download and run the program on your Windows PC. It's a very simple program, and the main preview contains everything. There are only three buttons in the program- Record, stop, and To play. Not much to learn.

Click on Record button to start recording and stop button to stop. The saved files are displayed in the left pane. Click on the recording you want to listen to and click on the button To play button.

In the lower right corner of the main preview, you will see three more tabs, Cut, Rename and Settings.

Cut – From here you can cut or cut your recorded audio clip. Select the audio clip you want to edit and click the button Cut button with a scissors icon. To select beginning and stop points and click on the save icon. You can also save a copy of the modified file.

Rename – The pencil icon is for the parameters to rename. Select any file you wish to rename and click on this icon. Add the name of your choice and click on the "?

Settings – In the Settings tab, you can set the common settings such as the output file name, the location of the file save, the input settings, the output file format , sound quality, sampling speed, throughput, and so on.

A service – The Service tab contains all the links regarding Ashampoo's offers, download and future updates from the software company.

All in all, Ashampoo Audio Recorder is a simple and enjoyable utility, ideal for anyone looking for a simple audio recording software. There are many other audio recording software available on the market with more features, but most of them are a bit difficult to use, especially for new users. . Not many buttons and not too many options. Simple and lightweight software, perfect for your basic audio recording needs. You can download it right here. It was a shareware earlier, but it is now a freeware.

NoteEach Ashampoo software brings a shortcut to your desktop, which allows you to access Ashampoo software offers.

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