Best Carbon Footprint Calculator tools to calculate your Carbon Footprint

Today, the Earth has several ecological problems, much of which is caused by humans, according to scientists around the world. One of the main causes of this problem is carbon dioxide emissions, so it makes sense that people learn to calculate their Carbon footprint.

You may be wondering then what is your carbon footprint? Well, it’s the total greenhouse gas you release into the environment, and it’s mostly filled with carbon dioxide. Now keep in mind that it has nothing to do with what you exhale, but rather the actions you take daily. For example, when you eat meat and drink milk, as well as when you drive a car that is not electric.

After calculating your footprint, you can tell how your actions are affecting the environment and, from there, take the necessary steps to reduce the effects.

Best carbon footprint calculator

Today we’re looking at the following carbon footprint calculation tools that will help you calculate your carbon footprint:

  1. Map my shows
  2. Plastic footprint calculator
  3. Food emissions calculator
  4. UN carbon footprint calculator.

1]Map my shows

With this online tool which is only available via a web browser, users can easily check their daily travel shows. Simply select your daily departure and arrival location, then choose your means of transport.

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From there, the tool will calculate and provide the information in just a few seconds. You will find that public transport is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. However, one can be on the right side if you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

2]Plastic footprint calculator

Plastic bags and everything made from the material are a huge environmental problem. So far, many countries have gone ahead and banned the use of plastic bags, but a broad general ban on plastic is not yet in place.

If you want to know the amount of plastic you use on an annual basis, we recommend using the plastic footprint calculator. People will be asked a series of questions about food, laundry, the bathroom, and more.

Once you’ve finished answering the questions, calculator will provide the necessary data on the number of kilograms of plastic you consume in a year. The good news is that the calculator suggested ways to reduce your plastic consumption and was very pleased with it.

3]Food emissions calculator

Carbon footprint calculator

The food you eat is pretty delicious, isn’t it? But did you know that before heading to your fridge and your plate, it affected the environment in one form or another? Thanks to the food emissions calculator, the user will be able to determine the carbon footprint of the delicious meal he consumes, whether it be meat or vegetables.

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For things to be operational, you must first visit the site, then select the food of your choice from the list. From there, you will want to choose the food product to find out how the selected food was obtained. In addition, you may need to add the amount purchased, the number of kilometers driven, and the amount of waste wasted.

After making the right selections, the food emissions calculator will then provide your carbon footprint results.

4]UN carbon footprint calculator

Did you know that the United Nations (UN) has its own carbon footprint calculator? Otherwise, now you know. It is one of the best because most calculators are based on the American standard, and this might not give accurate results if you live in Asia.

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When using the UN carbon footprint calculator, the tool adjusts the accuracy based on the country in which you live.

OK, so to use this tool, the user must add data relating to household, transport and lifestyle. Once done, click on Calculate my footprint to see the results.

I hope you make good use of these tools.

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