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The rumors about the specifications and the price of Pixel 4 create a lot of buzz these days. Pixel 4 could hold the dubious distinction of being the most prevalent device to date. Even Google has confirmed two of these leaks two months before the launch of the device. This is probably a first for any device. And now, it seems that the software does not want to be left behind too. One day or another, a new Google Pixel 4 APK is available for download. Fortunately for you, we have covered all this leaked APK of Pixel files 4 apps to download.

In this section, we've provided the APKs for Pixel Launcher 10, Pixel Themes 10, Google Wallpapers 10 (Beta), and Google Recorder. But before you go to the download section, there is one very important thing to keep in mind.

All these apps have been extracted from the Pixel 4 device under Android 10. The insurance of these apps is therefore limited to Pixel devices (under Android 10). If your device belongs to another OEM manufacturer, but that it is updated to Android 10, you can try it. Some users have been able to run them on the device, but with varying degrees of success and many stability issues. The Google Recorder app is the only exception to this rule. It installs and runs smoothly on all devices running Android 9.0 or later. Indeed, although the application is present on Pixel 4, it does not belong to this exclusive application. That said, check out the section below to download the different Pixel 4 apps on your device.

Pixel Launcher App 10

Source: 9to5Google

The first on our list of different Pixel 4 apps is the Pixel 10 Launcher. It comes with all the newer Android 10 gestures. In addition to the brand-related gestures, some other features include the Clean Up Launcher3 stock, the Dark theme and drag it down to the notification drawer gesture. You can download and install the APK below from the link. However, if you are using an Android 9.0 device, this app will not work. For this, see how to get the Android 10 Launcher (APK) port for Android devices 9.0.

You did not like the new Android 10 launcher and want to go back to the Android Pie's Pixel Launcher? Find out how to install Android P Pixel Launcher on any Android device.

Pixel Themes 10 application

pixel theme application 4
Source: 9to5Google

Just install Android 10 Launcher would not offer you a complete experience of Pixel 4. For this you need to install the Pixel application 10 themes, with the Pixel 4 launch application, to unlock various customization options. Once you install the Themes app, you can locate it in the modes tab of the Wallpaper selector. But before activating these themes on your Pixel device, you must enter the following two ADB commands. Make sure you have downloaded the SDK platform tools and enabled USB debugging on your device.

adb shell pm grant 


Google Wallpapers 10 (beta version)

pixel 4 wallpapers

Next in the list of applications Pixel 4 is the Google Wallpapers. Any customization is incomplete until you have applied the screen funds. So you can download the Google Wallpapers from the link below and try it on your Pixel devices running Android 10. Plus, a collection of Pixel Screen Wallpapers that you can watch.

Although both APKs contain only many screen backgrounds, they are only compatible with Pixel devices running Android 10. Both of these applications are among the most unstable Pixel 4 applications on the list. Even many Pixel 2 and 3 users do not seem to be able to install them on their devices. Nevertheless, you can try it and let us know the result.

Users with Android 9.0 Pie or earlier versions can still get various screen backgrounds and animated Pixel 4 wallpapers.

Google Recorder

pixel voice recorder 4

Google Recorder is the only application that does not require a Pixel device or Android 10 to work. This could probably be the best voice recorder app ever. And there are many reasons behind this massive claim. In addition to the usual voice recording capabilities, it also has live transcription capabilities. Whatever you were talking about, you could see it being written on your screen at this very instance.

Another nice feature is the search feature. Rather than searching through the name of the saved record, it goes even further. When you search for a word, it will look inside all the recordings and thus highlight the part of the audio where this or these words appear. In addition, the dark theme Android 10 is also enabled by default. All this without the need of an Internet connection. What else could we ask? Get your hands on the Google Recorder app immediately.
google recorder search

So these are the different Pixel 4 apps for your Android device. The guide will be constantly updated as and when leaks from a new Pixel application. In addition, tell us the name of your device and the applications you have successfully installed.

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