Flip DND Brings Pixel’s ‘flip to shhh’ Feature to Any Android Device

Pixel flip to shhh

Google's Pixel line has never been equal to the other flagship products in terms of hardware. What they lack in hardware as they try to catch up. While the business model is debatable, the best features of Pixel devices are therefore related to software. This means that they can theoretically work on any Android device. One of these features is the "switch to hush", which can now be transferred to any Android device with the Flip DND app. If you use Tasker, you can also enable the Flip-to-Shhh feature with the help of this application.

If you can not tell by name, switching to shhh is a function that activates Do Not Disturb mode when the device is placed face down on a surface. This is a very convenient feature in case you are in a meeting, for example, and you do not want your phone to make noises. It's still not as convenient as the alert slider on OnePlus devices because it does not work in your pocket. It's better than not having anything good. There is even more hacking for Android that does not require a root privilege. You may want to try them too.

Install Flip DND

Flip DND is a developer app that brought us other popular and useful Android apps, such as Sleep like Android and dusk. This is one of the best apps if you want to use Pixel's "Flip to hover" function. Once activated, you can flip your phone face down on a surface. If it remains so for 10 seconds, the application activates Do Not Disturb mode. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Enable permission Do not disturb for Flip DND

Enable DND permissions to enable switch to shhh

Once the application is installed, launch it. It will immediately ask you to allow the application to control your DND mode. This is necessary to allow the "switch to fall". Tap D & #39; agreement and it will redirect you to the appropriate settings page where you will allow the NPD to access the application. Search Flip and turn on the rocker next to him. In the confirmation dialog that appears, press TO PERMIT and Flip DND will benefit from Do not disturb access.

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Set Flip on Hush

The application provides only the bare minimum for the 'failover to fall' function. The main interface has nothing but a floating button near the bottom right that allows you to turn on or off quickly Do not disturb. The three-point overflow menu contains a few options that you can configure.

Configure Flip DND: switch to shh

Vibrate, enabled by default, vibrates your phone twice when Do Not Disturb is turned on by placing the phone face down. When you pick it up, the phone vibrates once to indicate that NPD mode is off.

Similarly, if you activate the Sound function, the phone will sound a "hush" when the Do not disturb option is enabled by placing the phone face down. NPD Priority allows calls and messages from the following contacts to ring even when your phone is face down.

That's it for the application. Oh, and it displays a default notification, but it can be easily disabled. You may also want to exclude battery optimization settings so that Android does not kill it in the background.

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