Google Pixel 6: Everything We Know So Far

Google Pixel 6: Everything We Know So Far

We recently updated the Google Pixel 6 rumors hub below with new leaked renderings. The renderings show the vanilla model as well as an alleged “Pro” variant. Read on for all the details!

Google pixel 6

Title and Release Date Since Pixel’s release in 2016, Google hasn’t changed its naming strategy. Even when he launched the first A-series device with Pixel 3a, it still retained the numbering and naming system it had had from day one. Therefore, we’re pretty sure Google Pixel 6 will be the name of the next entry in the row. However, major changes in the processor of upcoming phones are expected.

There are also rumors that the design could be getting a drastic makeover. These changes can be so significant that Google finds it appropriate to create a new naming scheme. However, we haven’t heard any suggestions yet, so let’s keep using the Pixel 6’s name until we hear more sounds. As of the launch date, Google released all of its Pixel phones in the fall (usually early fall). October.

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The only anomaly in this trend is last year’s Pixel 5, released in late September of last year. However, we are now betting on the release date in late September or early October. Google Pixel 6 theme recently we have seen leaked renderings, it may be the Google Pixel 6 series. Render shows that the Pro model may also be in development. These expressions were made with the permission of Steve Hemmerstoffer’s confidante.

It has a good record so we think the phone will look like this. The Pro model can be found below. You can see at a glance that these renderings show that Google has a lot to do with the Pixel line. These renderings completely redesigned the look of the phone: everything from the camera to the notch on the screen reflects the change.

Google Pixel 6 Pro leaked in new renderings, more details revealed - news

As for the vanilla model, it appears to be a similar design, but with a flatter screen and a smaller body and size. Purpose: By the way, in early versions of Android 12 there are signs that pixels with built-in fingerprint readers are on the way, matching these renderings. In addition, we also have signs that the next Pixel phone may have a space in the center of the selfie camera.

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This will deviate from the left margin clipping we saw in the last few pixels and is consistent with these renderings as well. You can be sure the Google Pixel 6 isn’t a special beast, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be weak. The biggest Pixel 6 craze so far could include a new custom chipset named Whitechapel. This chipset is only suitable for the Pixel 6 co-created by Google and Samsung. Unfortunately, this is what we do know.

The first photos of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are too amazing to be true (photos and videos)

But we can also draw some conclusions here: First of all, this will be Google’s first attempt to develop chips for smartphones. Therefore, it is inappropriate to believe that a company will do better than the industry leader. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Apple A14 Bionic. Instead, we want it to be better than regular mid-range chips, but inferior to super-fast flagship chips. There are rumors that Google Pixel 5a could be used with Snapdragon 765G. Same as the same Pixel 5 chipset. If possible, Google considers the Pixel 6’s “Whitechapel” chip to be better than the SD765G.

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We also have some evidence that the new Pixels support ultra-wideband (we still don’t know what the rest of the specs may mean, we can assume they aren’t weaker than what we’re seeing) 5. Wireless charging, IP68 protection, at least 128 GB of internal storage space, 6 GB of RAM, etc.

Combined with unmatched software, the Pixel 6 series can be one of the best phones for photography of the year.

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