How Do You Get An Older Cat To Use A Litter Box?

How Do You Get An Older Cat To Use A Litter Box?

If you teach the cat to use this place from a young age, this won’t be a problem. Also, it won’t take as much effort. However, if you are planning on teaching an older cat to suddenly start using a litter box, it can become difficult. The main problem is when people move from house to house and their pet can no longer use the backyard. It is very important to choose the right box. Still, the ingredients used in these boxes can encourage pets to use them as a toilet. If you want to check out some of the best litter boxes for older cats, visit

We realize that teaching your pet to use this box can be stressful, but you will need to be patient. Also, avoid showing anger to your cat as this could lead to side effects, where he might get scared of the box. Training cats can be tricky, but you can teach them a lot. However, the approach must be completely different from that of dogs. We will analyze this topic in more detail in the following article.

Potential problems with older pets


It’s not uncommon for a pet to mistakenly use some of the other parts of the house instead of the litter box. If this has only happened on rare occasions, there may be other responsible issues rather than habit. For example, he might not be able to last too long to get to the box on time. On the other hand, if you notice that this case recurs more often, you should be aware that there may be various factors that can influence your cat to suddenly have these habit-related changes.

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In addition, there may also be a link with the health of an animal. It is common for older cats to have bone and muscle problems, which affects their agility. If you notice that he suddenly isn’t that interested in jumping and running around the house, you should take him to the veterinary for proper consideration. Also, he may face health issues with urinary tract, kidneys, and other conditions.

In all of these cases, the cat may have a more frequent need to urinate and sometimes it cannot reach the determined spot. There is no reason to panic. Be sure to take the cat to the vet and provide the necessary medication. Also, you can solve this problem by placing more than one litter box in the house.

Possible solutions


Since cold cats have difficult personalities which makes them difficult to train, you will need a proper solution to learn more about the basics. While it can be much easier with kittens, there are some great ways to keep your pet from urinating away from specific areas. For example, you need to keep the litter box clean and odorless. Also place it in certain areas where the cat can have more privacy. It is a well-known fact that these animals prefer to hide their tracks. Plus, it should be easily accessible, especially for older pets, as they might have a hard time finding it every time.

In addition, you need to be patient and gentle with your pet. Express intolerance and stress could create even more serious problems, as the cat could connect this with the litter box and create repulsion. The best solution is to consult the veterinarian if your pet suddenly avoids the places determined for his physiological needs. They can provide her with medicines and vitamins to help with potential problems with the immune system, nerves, and other health issues that could irritate her. On top of that, you should never try to change the location of the box too often as it will create confusion and even more serious issues.

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You can try to drive the cat on the spot whenever he tries to go outside or you see that he has become nervous. Still, you can’t expect it to work immediately with any of these methods. Cats are very intelligent, but they have a unique personality that requires a special approach and a lot of patience.

Some technical characteristics of the litter box can be very important. For example, kittens may refuse to use the box if there is not enough litter inside. In addition to that, choosing the right size is essential. In case you have more cats in your house, make sure you have a box for each of them. They can mark this place as their territory and will refuse to share it with other animals.

It is essential to learn more about their habits and potential health problems after they reach a certain age. It is not uncommon for older felines to have memory and sight problems. If you change the location of their litter box, it can create confusion and rejection. Also, they can remember objects around the house, and a new arrangement can lead to this problem as well.

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Final words


As you can see, cats prefer to maintain their privacy when it comes to these places, and making changes could lead to their decline. The main problem is when you move from the house, where the cat might go out into the garden, to the apartment, where the animal will face certain limitations. In this case, you will need a lot of patience until the feline decides to only use the box.

Their rejection is always caused by certain things that cats find important, like privacy, sharing with other kittens, etc. Therefore, as long as you have a separate box, keeping it clean and easily accessible, there shouldn’t be any bigger problems getting it to start using it. Maybe not for the first couple of days, but there are various techniques you can involve that will get him to the box. It may seem so difficult and complicated, but relying on these methods is the only solution.

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