How to Remove the Android Voicemail Notification

How to Remove the Android Voicemail Notification
The home screen of a phone that contains unread notifications can be a source of visual pollution. Most of these push notifications come from applications, your phone company or other services to which you subscribe. One of them is the Android Voicemail notification, which may not be an immediate priority.

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If you've encountered it, you've probably tried to delete it by listening to all voice messages, restarting or even deleting data, but it still persists.

We will show you how to get rid of it.

Why Android voicemail notification appears

Android voicemail notification is a nice feature that reminds you when you have a new voicemail.

This is a good way to help you catch up on messages you may have missed. However, it may appear even when you do not have voicemail or if your service provider has marked it as unread.

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In the latter case, the device has received notification from your carrier or network, but all messages have been marked as unread, even if you checked them. The only way to handle this is to remove the icon manually by forcing your device to search the message again.

Maybe you tried to drag it or click and keep the notification. However, you only find two options: set priority and hide content. Even though you can turn off both options, voicemail notification can still appear.

If nothing seems to get rid of the persistent notification of Android voicemail on your phone, read on to find out how to remove it.

Note: The instructions below are written using a Samsung phone with Android 9.0 Pie. Some models may have slightly different steps, but in most cases, they still apply.

Leave a new voicemail

This simple workaround allows you to refresh the voicemail notification icon on your Android device. Once done, return to your voicemail and delete the message you left to delete the notification.

If you notice that the voicemail icon still appears in the notification bar, try the following solution.

Erase data from the phone application

Step 1: Open the Settings app in the application tray of your phone.

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2nd step: Scroll down and tap Applications (or Applications / Application Manager).

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Step 3: On the new screen, you will see a list of all the applications on your phone. Scroll down and tap Phone App.

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Step 4: You are now on the phone application information page Find and tap Storage.

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Step 5: Then press the Clear Data option.

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Step 6: You will receive a notification at the bottom of the screen: "All data in this application will be permanently deleted. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc. "

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If you are sure you want to go to this step, confirm it with OK. Turn off your device and turn it on again. Android voicemail notification should be gone. You can slide your finger from the top of your phone's screen to check if that's the case. If it's still there, you can drag it to the side so that it no longer appears in the notification tray, as before.

Perform a factory reset

Count this as a last resort. You should only use it if you want to erase all current settings and restore them to their original state.

A factory reset basically restores your device in the state it was in when you first bought it. It removes everything including your messages, contacts, photos, apps and other data from your device.

Although this can eliminate many problems on your device, it is a nuclear pathway compared to other targeted solutions mentioned above.

To reset your device at the factory, do the following:

Step 1: Open the settings on your device and tap General Management.

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2nd step: Tap Reset.

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Step 3: Find Reset Factory Data and press it to display the type of data you want to clear from your device.

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These include your Google Account, current settings, system and app data, music and photos, service provider applications and content, among other user data. You will also find the list of applications to uninstall and personal accounts on which you will be disconnected.

Note: If your device has a Smart Switch, you can use it to back up your data to an SD card or USB storage device before you reset the phone. Once your device's factory settings are reset, you will not be able to use encrypted files on your SD card.

On Android devices in stock, the path is slightly different: Open Settings> System> Reset Options> Clear All Data> Reset Phone.

Step 4: Press reset, after which your device will restart and it will be like new.

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You can now sign in to your Google Account and use your device. Hopefully the voicemail notification from Android will be permanently lost and you will regain your peace of mind.

Empty your notification tray

We hope this guide has facilitated the process of removing the embarrassing Android voicemail notification from your device. We would like to know what worked for you, or if you have a suggestion that is not in this message, please tell us about it in a comment below.

Then: Have you accidentally deleted a tray notification? Do not worry. Here is a guide to check the history of notifications on your Android phone.

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