Motorola Razr Launched: What You Need To Know

The collapsible Motorola smartphone is finally here and it's amazing. Before you start listing the details of the device, we must first get the name of it. It's called the Motorola Razr. Yes, the letter r is also tiny, as Motorola wanted. The Razr flip phone style is one of the best folding phone models […]

Moto G8 Plus with Snapdragon 665 Launched in India

Motorola is a reliable smartphone manufacturer. Now owned and operated by Lenovo, Motorola recently launched its new midrange smartphone, the Moto G8 Plus in India. This mid-range smartphone is aimed at users who prefer an excellent price / performance ratio. Well, if you're looking for a good mid-range smartphone running Android, the new Moto G8 […]

Download Motorola E6 Plus & Motorola One Zoom Wallpapers

At this year's IFA, Motorola, a Lenovo-owned company, introduced the all-new Motorola One Zoom midrange. In addition, with the mid-range device, the company also unveiled the E6 Plus budget. Today we have in front of you 7 Motorola One Zoom wallpapers and 1 original Motorola E6 Plus wallpapers. The wallpapers are in resolution 2160 x […]

Root Moto G5S and Install TWRP Recovery

Since their separation from Google, most people will agree that Motorola has somehow lost its way. Although he seems to have found his financial solution, the company's devices no longer excite amateurs. Whatever the case may be, the Moto G5sS, a budget-limited phone launched in 2020, finally has an official version of TWRP. So you […]

Download Motorola P50 Stock Wallpapers

Since Lenovo's acquisition of the Motorola brand from Google, it has weakened. As in, there has been a lack of consistent software updates and so much more. Whatever it is, that said, we have today 2 Motorola P50 wallpapers. The backgrounds are in Full HD + quality and have a 1080 x 2520 pixel resolution […]

Install TWRP Recovery and Root Moto G7 Plus

Motorola Moto G7 Plus was one of the Moto G7 family devices launched in February 2019. It allows you to live a sleek Android experience, which allowed Motorola to reinforce its image with the start of the G series. The device now has a TWRP recovery version. Here's how you can install TWRP Recovery and […]

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