Surface Laptop 3 fan is loud and running constantly

Recently, some owners of the Surface Laptop 3 have talked a lot about a problem that fans are concerned about. Apparently, the fans are spinning very hard, more than usual. This tends to happen when the device is plugged in, which is quite strange if you ask us. One user in particular said that he […]

Surface Laptop PXE boot attempt fails in Windows 10

To select Startup configuration. In the right pane under Configure the order of boot devices, select the PXE network and drag it to the top of the list. To select Exit then select Restart now. You can now try the PXE boot again. Your Surface laptop should now be able to successfully boot PXE! the […]

Surface Pro 7 hibernates or keeps turning off randomly

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is a refinement from previous models, but even the new avatar of the touchscreen laptop continues to suffer from familiar hibernation anomalies. Complaints about the random deactivation of the device continue to flood the forum pages from time to time. Fortunately, the fix for this issue has completed testing and is […]

How to connect your Surface wirelessly to your TV and other displays

Connecting your Microsoft Surface device to a TV can be a problem for some, especially if they haven't done so yet. Then there are those who believe that this task is not possible, and to that, we say, keep reading and let us amaze you. HDMI port does not work on Surface the HDMI port […]

Microsoft Surface screen is not rotating

OK, so you only recently bought a new Surface device, or have had one for a while now, and for some strange, but unknown reason, maybe after Windows update, the & # 39; 39; display does not rotate. We know your Surface was designed to rotate content on the screen every time you turn and […]

How to set up and use Surface Slim Pen

In today's publication, we will describe how you can quickly and easily configure the Surface Slim Pen – a redesigned, refillable pen that provides a natural writing and drawing experience for your Surface devices. Surface Slim Pen is Microsoft's latest and greatest stylus technology – built into wireless charging and better compatibility for the new […]

How to set up and use USB-C charging base for Surface Slim Pen

In today's publication, we will describe how you can quickly and easily configure the USB-C charging base an accessory designed for Surface Slim Pen – and how to use it with your Surface device. The Slim Pen is compatible with Surface devices as retro as the Surface Pro 3, in addition to the most recent […]

How to set up and use Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard

In this article, we will describe how you can quickly and easily configure and use the Signature Surface Pro X keyboard with your Surface Slim Pen. The Signature Surface Pro X keyboard is designed for Surface Pro X to store and charge your thin pen. It has a large glass trackpad and Alcantara material. Set […]

Surface Laptop 3 vs Surface Laptop 2: Which is better?

The hardware event that Microsoft withheld in early October has been an explosion due to the number of devices announced by the company. One of these devices was the Surface Laptop 3, a dignified upgrade to the Laptop Surface, which in itself was of very good quality. Now, the big question right now, does the […]

Microsoft Surface Brightness keys are not working

The range of Microsoft Surface devices is impressive and it is a clear sign that Microsoft knows how to create very good laptops that can compete with the biggest players in the market. However, problems arise from time to time. A few days ago, we encountered a situation where some users have problems with the […]

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