TouchPad gesture not working on Windows 10

Fix TouchPad gesture not working on Windows 10

the Touchpad comes on all laptops. It is a pointing device that helps the user to use his pointer as he did with a mouse. It is integrated directly into the body of the laptop. However, it becomes difficult to use the computer when this touchpad stops working. This may be due to many factors, such as a hardware failure, driver problems, and so on. This problem can occur at different times. This can happen after the installation of an operating system or during the update of the driver, after waking or at any other random time.

Touchpad gesture does not work on Windows 10

You can try our following suggestions to solve the problem The gesture of the touchpad does not work problem on Windows 10:

  1. Update, restore, or reinstall the drivers.
  2. Activate the touchpad from the configuration utility.
  3. Activate the touchpad from the hardware key.
  4. Run the hardware and device troubleshooting utility.
  5. Other corrections.

1] Update, restore, or reinstall the touchpad driver

The basic fix that you can apply is to repair the respective drivers. It may happen that the installed driver becomes incompatible or damaged with the operating system. If you have just updated your driver, the new version may not be stable enough for your computer.

In the WinX menu, open Device Manager and expand Mice and other pointing devices. Here you should be able to see your Touchpad driver.

2] Activate the touchpad from the configuration utility

If your computer's touchpad driver has installed a touch pad configuration utility, it may have changed its configuration. You can open this utility and reset the touchpad settings for the touchpad to function normally.

3] Activate the touchpad from the hardware key

If your computer comes with a dedicated hardware key, you may have accidentally pressed it and disabled the touchpad. You can search for this key as it is indicated by the touchpad icon, then press again to activate the touchpad. This method is applicable to some laptops only.

4] Run hardware and peripherals troubleshooter

You can troubleshoot Windows hardware and devices by using the hardware troubleshooter utility. This will automatically detect and correct any problems caused by the hardware or devices connected to your computer.

5] Other corrections

Some minor fixes sometimes help to solve a user's problem on their computer. Some of them are:

  • Chances are your equipment is physically damaged. You can visit the qualified technician to have it repaired.
  • There could be deposits of moisture or dirt on the equipment. You can try cleaning it with a rough cotton swab and then try to use it.
  • If you want to do some work at the earliest, you can try to connect a USB mouse to your computer and use it until the TouchPad is repaired.
  • This message will help you if your laptop's touchpad does not work.

I hope this guide has helped you make your TouchPad work.

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