Volume Icon Not Working in Windows [7 Ways]

Volume Icon Not Working in Windows [7 Ways]

Did you watch movies or videos on your Windows PC and did you want to change the volume but the Volume icon does not work? You may not be able to click the Volume icon with your mouse and this will cause a problem in your system that prevents the volume icon from working. So, today, I'm going to help you solve the volume icon does not work problem. The problem may be in one of your Windows operating systems and the provided solution will work for the entire Windows operating system.

The error may be due to several reasons, such as the malfunction of the explorer, the driver problem or the problem of audio playback settings, or other reasons that will be described more in detail in this article.

How to repair volume icon does not work problem

The solutions would have methods such as restarting Windows Explorer, reinstalling the driver, changing the PC's reading settings, or some other steps to fix the problem. volume icon does not work in the taskbar problem.

1. Restart the Windows Explorer.

The Windows Explorer is the user interface responsible for controlling the features of Windows. So, the volume key is also included and, as it does not work or is not displayed in the taskbar, we will try to restart the Windows Explorer once.

  • Right click on the Taskbar.

  • Click on Start the task manager option.
  • Choose the Processes tongue.
  • Find WindowsExplorer.exe & right click on it.

  • Press the To restart option.

Windows Explorer will restart and you can then check if the Volume icon is visible or not. If visible, check if you can click on it and change the volume percentage.

2. Reinstall the audio drivers.

Sometimes an outdated driver can also cause an error and cause the The volume error does not work as well. Or the drivers do not work simultaneously with the user interface. Follow the steps above to update or reinstall the audio driver:

  • press the the Windows key, search and select the Device Manager option.

  • in the Device Manager, open the Sound, video and game controllers tongue.

  • Now to Update the driver, press the Update the driver software.

  • Or press the uninstall option, to re-install the driver again.

If you have uninstalled the driver, you can press, after the uninstall. Install in the same way that you have uninstalled, if you see the driver option. Otherwise, you can download it from the manufacturer's official website and install it. After that to restart & check the volume key now.

If you have updated the driver, reboot and the volume key would work now.

3. Activate the audio manager.

The volume key may not work correctly or may not work at all because the installed driver does not work or is not enabled. As a result, this led to the problem The volume icon is not active.

  • Open the Task Manager first.

  • Now go to Start tongue.

  • Search Audio Manager & right click on it.

  • Click on Activate, it's off.

The Audio Manager driver is activated now and it can help you solve your problem after to restart your PC once.

4. Use audio troubleshooting

Yes, the convenience store can be useful sometimes. We will therefore conduct an audio troubleshooting analysis and the system will help you to detect any problem that may help to solve it.

  • press the the Windows touch & search troubleshooting.

  • Select the Hardware and sound option now.

  • Click on Play sound option.

  • Now, press the Next or the Start the convenience store option, to start troubleshooting.

  • Wait for the troubleshooting to finish.

In case you have problems that the problem-solving utility can solve, this step will help you and the problem. volume icon on the taskbar does not work is resolved now.

5. Restart audio services

If the last step does not suit you, you must restart the audio services. This function restarts all services running on your PC for audio access.

  • press Windows + R key to open the run command.
  • In the search box, type services.msc & then press Enter.

  • Now, scroll down and navigate to find the Windows Audio.
  • Right click on it and go to Properties.

  • in the General tab, choose the startup type as Automatic.
  • If the status is Operation, press the stop button below to restart.

  • Now, press the beginning button after the status becomes Stopped.
  • Click on D & #39; agreement now.

Restart your PC after completing all the steps and check if you have access to the volume icon, which means that the problem The volume icon does not work resolved.

6. Restart the TaskBar feature

So, in this particular step, we will execute a command that will restart the Start menu and taskbar functionality, which will help you solve the problem. The volume control icon does not work in the taskbar. This step will work for users of the Windows 10 operating system.

  • Open the Powershell in administrator mode by searching, after pressing the key the Windows key.

  • In the command prompt, enter the command as shown in the image.

  • press Enter after entering the command.

Since all the functions on the taskbar and the Start menu have been restarted, you can now access the functions of the volume key on your Windows PC.

7. Start an SFC scan

The problem may be due to corruption of some system files or software and running an SFC scan, that is, the system file checker would solve the problem.

  • press the the Windows key using your keyboard and search Command Prompt.

  • Right click on the Command Prompt appeared in the search results and select Run as an administrator option.

  • Then in the Command Prompt terminal type sfc / scannow command and press the Enter key.

  • Wait for the analysis to be in progress.
  • Finally, once the scan is complete, your computer displays the results of the scan. cmd (command prompt) & guide you on what to do.
  • To restart make the changes in effect.

So, after rebooting the system, you can use your system in the same way that you had used it before the occurrence of the error.

Note: It is very rare that this method solves the problem and in most cases the the volume key does not respond problem has been temporarily resolved using this method. But before reaching this stage, your problem would probably have been solved. Otherwise, you must contact your manufacturer to resolve the problem.

Did it work?

the The volume key does not work problem may be due to many reasons and all the reasons have been discussed in this article with a solution for each of them. The solutions would work for all versions of Windows, namely Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I hope your non-clickable volume icon the problem is solved now.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the problem, you can mention it in the comments below.

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