Headphones not working or detected in Windows 10

Headphones not working after installing an update

If your headphones do not work, perhaps after installing an update, this may be due to an incompatible operating system and drivers. Updates to several components of a computer are intended to repair faulty components, but sometimes result in the breakage of some other components. Such a scenario is where Windows Update breaks the headset. The computer stops playback of audio using the headset. This error is due to incompatible drivers.

Earphones do not work on Windows 10

Here's a handy solution that will help you if your headphones do not work or are not detected:

  1. Manually set the headset as the default device.
  2. Update or restore your audio drivers.
  3. Use audio troubleshooting.
  4. Cancel or install a newer Windows update.

1] Manually configured listeners are the default device

Sometimes when a headset is plugged in, it does not switch the default audio device. In this case, you can simply set the default audio device on the headset.

Right click on the volume icon in the taskbar and select Open the sound settings. He will open the Sound section in the application Settings Windows 10.

Earphones do not work or are detected in Windows 10

Under the section of Exit, to select earphones for Choose your output device.

This should allow the headphones to work on your Windows 10 device.

2] Update or restore your Audio and Bluetooth drivers

If the update is recent, you can restore this driver to an older version that does not cause this problem. In case there is no update, it is possible that the drivers have to be updated to the latest version. Install a new version of this driver if available.

The factors you need to focus on are:

  • Bluetooth.
  • Sound, video and game controllers

3] Use the audio troubleshooter

To use the Audio Troubleshooter, open the Windows Settings application and navigate to the following path: Update and Security> Troubleshoot.

Select the option called Audio playback.

And then click on the button called Run the troubleshooter.

Follow the instructions on the screen, and this will solve your problem.

Further reading: Troubleshoot audio and audio issues related to Windows 10.

4] Cancel or install a newer Windows update

If this problem occurred after you recently installed a Windows update, you can uninstall Windows Update and restart your computer to resolve this problem.

You can also check for updates on Windows 10 to obtain a patch, which may have been released by Microsoft.

I hope this guide has helped you solve the problem.

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