What is the MSA app on Xiaomi devices?

Xiaomi devices are cheap and understandable. The company is not looking for profits on equipment sales. It increases the funds of the software environment. The circulation of software occurs among the hardware tools developed by the company. In addition to the usual subscription, which is a common practice for making money from software sales, Xiaomi allows ads to run in system applications. The latter is very annoying.

Fortunately, there is something that could be useful to get rid of additional applications of the system. You can disable them. To use it, you must follow the following steps.

  1. Find "Settings" and open it;
  2. Scroll through the menu, look for advanced settings in the "System and Device" section;
  3. On the new page, press the "Access Private Data" button;
  4. Tap the box next to the "MSA" option in the current list.

If you did not know what "MSA", you now know that it's way MIUI System Ads. So, off you have virtually disabled additions from the MIUI system application. That's it! You did what you needed!

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