Best free DRM removal software for eBooks for Windows PC

If you are a lover of eBooks, you would probably have encountered the term DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM restricts how the software or media content is used to protect against hacking. Most publishers and other software publishers lock their works with DRM systems to prevent users from illegally using their copyrighted works.

Ebooks have DRM as a protection against piracy. That being said, providers such as Amazon, Apple and others have their own ebook DRM that would allow you to buy and view the book using the device or from the specific application to these suppliers. Suppose if you buy eBooks on Amazon, you can view them only on a Kindle device or a Kindle app. This is sometimes annoying for most readers because it limits the number of devices on which you can download the book simultaneously. Plus, it does not allow you to share the book with others. In other words, digital rights management systems control how you can use eBooks and add restrictions for which you have paid a lot.

DRM Removal Software for eBooks

The purpose of digital rights management systems is to prevent hackers from illegally using software and content protected by copyright. However, this causes a lot of inconvenience to legitimate users by forcing them to use a single device or a single application to read an ebook. Most of us would like to read eBooks on a variety of devices, not just one device or application. In such cases, the most viable way to overcome this limited usability is to remove DRM from eBooks.

The following DRM removal tools help you remove the DRM protection of an eBook that you have purchased.

  1. Caliber- Management of eBooks
  2. ePUBee
  3. PDFMate
  4. Removal of Kindle AZW DRM
  5. Digital Rights Update Tool.

In this article, we present some of the best software that will help you remove DRM from ebook so that you have the freedom to read a book on the device of your choice.

1. Caliber – e-book management

Caliber is a popular open source tool used for managing eBook libraries. The powerful tool is completely free and is a unique solution for all your e-book needs. The software is used just beyond the ebook manager.

In addition to managing the library, the Caliber tool can be used to delete ebook DRM so that you can read ebooks on any third-party reader. The tool allows you to convert the ebook into any type of file so that you can read your favorite digital book on any device. For starters, all you need is to first install Caliber. Choose the eBooks for which you want to delete the proprietary format of the device. Simply import the books into the Caliber library and convert the eBook format to any type of file. The tool clears the DRM and converts your ebook into the desired file type.

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2. ePUBee

ePUBee helps to remove the Kindle DRM easily. This tool is available free of charge and removes DRM from Kindle’s line of readers and devices. This tool can be used by anyone to remove DRM from Kindle AZW, AZW3, AZW4, TPZ, Topaz, PRC and Mobi with one click.

This tool simply removes the DRM from the file header and thus retains the source quality. This tool can be used to decrypt all DRM files at the same time. To use this tool, simply download Kindle for PC with your authorized Amazon ID. Import the Kindles books into the ePUBee software and click Remove DRM. In addition, it is useful to convert eBooks to MOBI, EPUB, TXT, PDF and other file formats while preserving quality. Download this tool right here.

3. PDFMate

PDFMate is a powerful application for PDF conversion. It can be used to convert eBooks to TXT, DOC, EPUB, HTML, PDF and SWF file formats. A good thing about this app is that it converts ebooks to the desired batch file formats at a satisfactory chat rate.

In addition, it is also useful to remove the DRMs from the Kindle, Adobe, and Nobo family of eReaders and eBook readers. Download this tool right here.

4. Remove Amazon AZW DRM

Kindle books purchased on the Amazon Web site are protected by Kindle DRM and can only be read on read-only devices and software associated with Kindle. However, it is possible to read Kindle books on different devices by removing DRM from Kindle books.

The removal of Kindle AZW DRM is one of those tools that will help you easily remove DRM from the Kindle ebook. The tool creates a new Kindle book without Kindle DRM so you can view Kindle books on other devices. It supports batch mode and allows you to convert more than fifty files at a time. Download this tool right here.

5. Digital Rights Update Tool

Microsoft has released the Digital Rights Update Tool, which removes DRM protection from WMA audio files.

You can now download the digital rights update tool, remove the copy protection added to the .wma files and run them on your MP3 player. The tool removes copyright protection only on WMA files and not on other formats.

That’s all.

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