How to Fix MIUI Screen Recorder Has No Sound Error

How to Fix MIUI Screen Recorder Has No Sound Error

MIUI offers a polished user interface and comes with many built-in features. It sported the system-wide dark mode even before the official version of Android launched it. Another cool feature it offers is a screen recording app released with MIUI 8. Ideally, it should record both audio and video from your smartphone, but many users say that audio is missing.

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What happens is that the recorded video has no sound when you use the MIUI screen recorder. Imagine recording an elaborate message or video note only to realize that no one can hear what you said. Such a video without sound can ruin the whole experience. And the post-pandemic world is increasingly looking to communicate and collaborate using video call apps like Duo and Meet and wants to save them for reference.

Let’s see what we can do to fix this problem where the MIUI screen recorder does not capture any sound.

1. Basic troubleshooting

We are targeting new MIUI users who are still trying to focus on the interface and other options.

Check the volume level and increase it if you haven’t already. This will help with registration. Maybe that’s why there is no sound because the volume is too low or not there at all.

Remove the headphones or Bluetooth headphones as you cannot record your voice or any external noise while using them. Only microphone or speakers allowed.

Google changes its position

Android users have been facing recording issues for a few years. Google has not allowed users to record internal or system audio due to privacy concerns. Things have changed since the launch of Android 10 or Q where Google developed an API called AudioPlaybackCapture.

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This API makes it easy to capture audio from other applications without compromising privacy and security (hopefully). You must meet certain conditions before you can record internal audio on any phone from any manufacturer. They are:

  • The user must give his consent before the start of the recording
  • Only audio specified as media, game, or unknown will be captured or recorded
  • The application must allow non-system applications to capture its audio using the Manifest flag which is set to True by default in Android 10 but false in Android 9 and earlier.

Recording internal audio will be much easier with the launch of Android 10. No more rooting or purchasing specific OEM phones like MIUI which comes with system applications to record internal audio.

Silent noise

MIUI continues to improve, and fans of the ecosystem are waiting for the launch of its 12th iteration which will be released on June 19, 2020. It may also come with some updates for the Screen Recorder application although nothing has been done specified. For now, I hope one of the above solutions has worked for you. You can flash a new ROM if you are rooted, but be aware that this will void your warranty, and you still run the risk of breaking your phone. So, be careful if you are a beginner.


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Last updated on June 22, 2020

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